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5 Best Thermal Rifle Scope in 2024 Reviewed

I have sorted best thermal rifle scopes according to your needs in respect of both money and reliability.

Thermal devices are expensive than the night vision devices that’s why I will show you the affordable thermal scopes like ATN Thor LT.

The technology behind best thermal scope is really expensive and uses infrared light instead of visible light. Now a day this technology is very common and flooded in the market.

One of the expensive scopes in my view point is Steiner CQT, available for high cost and out of reach for under $5000 seekers. But one phrase I remembered for those with deep pockets is “cost is nothing in front of wish”.

But I will provide best hand tested thermal scopes for your needs with shallow and deep pocket hunters or shooters.

Let’s started,

Here is a list of best hands on test thermal rifle scope reviewed for your assistance along with buying guide.

We have tested a lot of thermal scopes for this product review so that you can get the best thermal scope without wasting time and money. This is hands-on tested product review.

List of 5 Best Thermal Rifle Scopes in 2023 Latest

Image Product Details   Price
backpac ATN OPMOD ThOR LT 3-6×50 thermal rifle scope Color: Black
Check Price
backpac ATN ThOR 4 thermal rifle scope Color: black
type: thermal
Check Price
cordlessblower SIG SAUER ECHO3 1-6x23mm Thermal reflex sight Color: black
type: thermal
Check Price
cordlessblower Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 Thermal Riflescope Color: black with blue combo
Type: thermal
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cordlessblower Trijicon Electro Optics REAP-IR 35mm Thermal scope Color: Black mate
Type: Thermal compatible for rifle
Check Price

1. ATN OPMOD ThOR LT 3-6×50 Thermal Rifle Scope-Best Price

ATN is the best manufacturer of optical scopes either night vision or thermal scopes. I have used a lot of ATN scopes and now ATN launches its one of the best OPMOD ThOR LT 3-6x thermal scope. Let’s see how it looks,

The most attractive thing is the price tag which is under $1200 and is best for the money with a couple of features with a lifetime warranty. It is economical thermal technology for beginners and low budget persons.

The thermography behind the ATN OPMOD ThOR is worth for the user and you’re able to see the creeping objects in the dark dead night. What’s the real object is present, it will never be hide itself.


  • 68 MOA reticle
  • One shot zero function
  • Multiple thermal display
  • More than 10 hours usage
  • Ultralight weight
  • High thermal imaging


  • White and black color modes

Technical Features

Lens diameter50mm
Tube diameter30mm
Sensor resolution160×120 P
Display resolution1280×720 P
Eye relief90mm
Additional accessoriesObsidian core LT, 3D accelerometer

I personally like the QD (quick detach) mounts which everyone wants with the scopes. In other cases you have to buy separately. Also, you can enjoy the couple mods make it special for hunters. It is best thermal scope in all times.

If we talk about its “reticle” then it contains most power 68 MOA circle dot reticle that makes it special and fast aiming points and target acquisition thermal scope. The 68 MOA reticle is the nice addition to this version by ATN.

All in all, it also has other features like one shot zero function, thermal imaging technology, high resolution and low power consumption capabilities. It also provides long detection, identification and recognition ranges.

best thermal rifle scope-ATN OPMOD ThOR LT 3-6x50

If you worry about the weight of the product then immediately leave this on ATN end. ATN OPMOD ThOR LT thermal rifle scope is ultralight weight and compact shape and body. If you switch the weapon you can use 1.4 lb. scope on your air rifle and crossbow.

Let’s tell you about my personal experience with ATN OPMOD ThOR LT thermal rifle scope. I bought this short time ago and astonish to see the weight and features and think about you guys to help you about buying this product.

I mount it on my rifle and set place yesterday and tried little bit in my backyard. The next day I used it for varmint and coyote hunting and satisfied with the performance in the night time.

I love to hunt in a dark dead night so that everything could be visible to me even a creeping ant. This happened with the ATN OPMOD THOR LT. If I have chance to buy only one best thermal scope i will prefer to buy this one.

2. ATN ThOR 4 1.25-5x Thermal Rifle Scope: Best for Hog Hunting

best thermal rifle scope-ATN ThOR 4

I can’t stay calm without reviewing the ATN product. If you talk about the thermal scope ThOR 4 is another best thermal scope for hog and coyote hunting. Before this I often worried about my lands packed with coyote roaming there. So I want to hunt them at night.

Why you should buy ThOR 4 scope? It is little pricier but really worth the price. If you want to hunt a varmint then you really need a thermal scope. I clearly saw each and every straw on my fields along with coyotes and hogs and kill them down.

The most attractive fact about this is the features that carry ATN ThOR 4 with.

best thermal rifle scope

It contains a glassy look with high resolution image formation of 1280×720 pixels with crystal clear image. I was able to see about 900+ yards across my fields and killed the varmint and coyotes, entered in my fields. It pays off as one of the best thermal scope in all expensive scopes.


  • High resolution
  • Recoil activated video
  • One shot zero function
  • Hard aluminum body
  • Laser rangefinder


  • Pixilation on zoom too far

Technical Features

Brand ATN
Color 384×288, 1.25-5x
Sport type Hunting
Scope weight 1.93 pounds
Sensor Gen 4 384×288, 60Hz
Magnification Multiple  up to 40x
Core ATN obsidian IV dual core T
Micro display 1280×720 HD
Video resolution 1280×960 @60 fps
Balistic calculator Well present
Wi-Fi streaming iOS, android
Bluetooth yes
Small range finder yes
RAV yes
Reticle Multiple color and patterns
Mount 30mm rings (included)

Eye relief:

It contains 3.5” eye relief which provide best experience during hunting with different rifle. You can adjust it well with standard mount.

Eye box is comfortable and you can use it for long period of time without any trouble.

Reliability and durability:

This scope is manufactured with most appropriate material in view of lightweight and weather resistance capabilities. It is made of compact aluminum material to retain the properties of best hunting scope.

I have used this scope in adverse rain condition and it holds the weather condition and play well. You don’t need to worry about the performance in any condition; it always looks fresh out of box as you have used it for first time.

Elevation & windage:

This scope contains smooth running knobs you can adjust elevation and windage measurements. It’s one shot zero function and you need to zero for first time.

One most attractive thing is that it contains recoil activates video you don’t need to press the recording button. It starts automatically as you about to take shot by pulling the trigger.

Best feature is the profile manager where you can record your zero setting of different rifles that you previous rifle that you mount it to.

I often use this scope for my land surveillance and I’m happy to have 1.25-5x magnification scope to kill down coyotes and hogs at night.

If we talk about parallax then it little pixelated during zoom in for long ranges but I didn’t need to zoom too far.

3. SIG SAUER ECHO3 1-6x23mm Thermal Reflex Sight

Let’s brought you out from the scopes either night vision or thermal. Did you ever try thermal reflex sight?

best thermal rifle scope

It’s a short and more appropriate something different device that uses thermal technology to expose even crawling object on the ground. You must count in ECHO as best thermal scope as it is clip on with ultra low weight and excellent features.

It contains BDX enables Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and active reticles that change with KILO rangefinder input. Easy lens adjustment with throw lever attachment. Also, anti-cant system is present with sensitivity down to 0.5°.


  • 8 color palettes
  • Video recording
  • 6x-12x zoom ranges
  • 8+ hours battery life


  • No night vision

Technical Feature

BrandSIG Sauer
ModelECHO3 thermal reflex sight
UsersUnisex, adult
Mount typeDovetail
Video recordingHD high resolution

It is not common due to lack of reviews of this product and the manufacturer ultimately gets disappointed. But it is really a good gadget for your outdoor hunting.

If you are on low budget and unable to but best thermal scope with sky-high price then SIG Sauer ECHO3 is best option for you.

For successful purchase see expert’s review about SIG SAUER click here.

It comes in two zoom variants 6x and the other one is 12x zooms. If we talk about it performance, 6x zoom is beyond explanation and reveals the target anytime anywhere.

It contains eight color palettes you can adjust them according to your taste. The most loving feature is its 6 color options brightness setting that u can adjust anytime according to your time of hunting.

With a strong battery charge you can support your hunting up to 6 + hours. Recoil activated video (RAV) is most amazing features which is available in expensive thermal scopes.

But SIG Sauer ECHO3 provides you RAV features under $3000.

4. Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 Thermal Riflescope-Best For Long Range

best thermal rifle scope

This thermal riflescope is high end product for hunters and shooters with a nice price tag. Pulsar is luxury brand with unique product design either night vision or thermal no one can beat it in performance and specifications.

With the fine manufacturing of shape and looking it reveals you next level hunter with skills. This scope is laden with bells and whistles. It’s pulsar proprietary image boost technology with multiple color palettes make it worth.

Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 contains 384×288 micro-bolometer sensor with advanced features with 17um pixel pitch core. Also, it imparts great 1024×768 ARMOLD display, makes it better resolution thermal scope.

I personally love one feature which is picture in picture reticle option and I adore it only due to uniqueness in body which is IPX7 waterproofing and all metal housing.

It also imparts PIP mode which provide you zoomed in picture in your regular full display picture. You can use Wi-Fi facility to attach your tablet or mobile phones to amazingly watch your hunting.

It’s also able to record video and audio with still images to save your hunting and stream to YouTube video making you value able for the community. This is our most recommending best thermal scope as it offers all new features in the thermal scope world that differentiate your hunting skills by other shooters and hunters and dominate you in your hunting community.


  • multiple palette color display
  • compatible for reticle up-to .375
  • 2000 yards detection range
  • Premium resolution clarity
  • Mounted on 30mm rings


  • Too expensive for recreational
  • Usage training need

Technical Features

Item weight1.6 pounds
Micro bolometer, resolution, pixels @ pixel 640×480 @ 17
Display, type / resolution, pixelsAMOLED 1024X768
Magnification, x2-16x
Range of detection, yds1968
Included Components‎Thermal Imaging Riflescope, Rechargeable APS2 Battery Pack, APS battery charger, Charger, USB cable, Carrying case, Lens-cleaning cloth, Quick User Manual, Warranty card, APS3 battery cover

In my view point, this is a best thermal scope with all advanced amenities built in which is provided by the Pulsar. I’m pleased to have this thermion scope as my top pick. You guys must be tried.

5. Trijicon REAP-IR 35mm Thermal Scope-High End Military Scope

One and only thermal device with edge detection feature, a military base thermal scope with high end price tag available on the market.

best thermal rifle scope

Why it so expensive and unique tactical thermal device?

It uses ultra-advanced thermal technology with compact yet powerful thermal weapon sight. It imparts excellent speed and accuracy that is mostly requires by the shooters and hunters.

Trijicon is a familiar brand that makes optical thermal scopes for military. REAP IR is a thermal scope is most powerful and enough for battlefield.


  • Ultra-high display quality
  • MIL-STD-810G reliability standard
  • 27mm eye relief
  • Edge detection
  • Multiple reticle save location


  • Extremely high price
  • Control panel is not efficient

Technical Features

Brand Trijicon
Color Black
Objective lens diameter GASIR 35mm
Magnification 2.5-20x
Resolution 640×480 P
FOV12 degree
Battery CR123
Item weight 590 g
Diopter adjustment-6 -2 dpt
Display modesMAXPOL white hot and black

Clarity and reticle:

It’s high quality 640×480 thermal core detect heat signals. If you’ve ever tried to see with night vision for clarity, you don’t need to carry night vision with trijicon REAP IR because of its next level clarity.

It contains 12 micron BAE core with 640×480 sensor which allows high clarity thermal imaging. You can see anything scampering up and down even 100 yards away.

With the 5 reticle options you can choose your best, save reticle position and you don’t need to reset reticle while mounting to other rifle.

This scope provide you the 6 MAXPOL white hot/ and black hot setting, choose that suite’s you, I preferred black hot because it reduce the brightness or display (a downside of high brightness) and you can see easily.

I personally like one feature that no other compatible thermal scopes have is edge detection feature. Edge of your target is marked with white and rest of the display goes dark making your vision more perfect.


It has high magnification of 2.5 optical zoom and 8x digital zoom you may lose clarity by zooming in but you can see beyond 150 yards by using stadiametric rangefinder.

Elevation windage knobs:

It is controlled with multi-directional thumbstick on side for adjustment purposes. You can zero with the secondary aim point. There are 4 reticle save locations you can save the calibration for 4 optics without seting to re zero again.


You can trust our all reviews and suggestions up to the mark but you should not take our words as final decision. Here I’m going to show the best part of these scopes.

“ATN ThOR 4 thermal rifle scope-best for hog hunting”

best thermal rifle scope

This is the scope which I select for you as a top pick product because of its techs and specs.

With the hard aluminum body which is more long lasting to its high resolution display along with rangefinder and recoil activated video specs. Top to bottom it is best thermal device for you with nice price tag.


I mostly prefer the product selection on the bells and whistles because a user needs something new technology. I will show you the most comfortable product with respect to durability and price. Here is my recommended comfortable product,

“ATN OPMOD ThOR LT 3-6×50 thermal rifle scope”

best thermal rifle scope

With the multiple thermal display, you can use the 68 MOA reticle for hunting hogs and coyote at night. All in all, this is best for you.


Thermal technology raised up very fast in a short period of time and resolve the visual issues of clarity and except night vision. Most advanced feature is cutting edge detection which is present in my above product. Price, techs, specs, durability are factor to be noticed. Just trust on us and go way.

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