Red dot sight and Holographic sights

The Red Dot Sight Explain: Unveiling the Facts

The red dot sight is non-magnifying reflector sight with red dot on the aim to target perfectly. The illuminated dot is classified in red and green dot colors.

Red dot sights have different reticles (dot, cross, bull-eye) to use according to one’s favorite. It contains a LED as sharp narrow light source at collimating points that align the red dot along the weapon to achieve precision in target.

In this article you will be provided with all details of red dot sight along with best red dot sight. There are many red dot sights in the market but it is hard to find the best budget. Let’s dive in for revealing the hidden facts behind red dot sight.

Perhaps you are not known about red dot sights using tips and considering it simple to use and sighting in process but beginners always face difficulties in selection, usage and knowledge. After reading this you will know beginners to expert level information about red dot reflex.

red dot sights

The red dot sight uses on pistols and rifles for precise target acquisition at night time and daytime. It is adjustable on guns and all firearms for hunting, shooting in police, military and civilians activities. On cameras and telescopes it can be placed easily for photographing aircraft and moving objects and flying birds.

Firstly, you should know how to use red dot sight then you will be able to use and sight in a red dot scope. It is simple to use if you read guideline with proper attention and we briefly described sighting in and zeroing of red dot in a simplest way.

Historic Preview: Revealing the Origin

Red dot sights were used in the late century with the invention of optical instruments like night vision technology and later on thermal technology. In the early 1900 the use of optical aid for firearms increased and some firearm are lit by battery and some are by ambient light.

There are many drawbacks at start with the proper lightening for aiming point. For small firearm it was impossible to get proper ambient light and use incandescent bulb that could drain battery faster.

Then the first electronic red dot sight was launched by the Swedish optics company Aimpoint AB with reflecting curved mirror and LED. At this time the success ratio was 100% and was very popular. After this the red dot sight technology was stepped in the world of optical technology.

It could be mounted in all compatible firearms at that time and soon many manufacturers made this sight to flood the market. It light emitting diode LED used in the technology able to run 1500-3000 hours on lithium batteries.  In 2000 red dot sight is open to use in field names Aimpoint CompM2 referred as close compact optic.

The Reticle Sizes: Professional Secret to Use

red dot reticles

The reticles are necessary for the point aim to the target. The more glowing reticle dot, cross, bull-eye the more precise target acquisition can be achieved. The reticle sizes are measured in milliradians (mrad) and minutes of angles (MOA).

The red dot reflexes are mounted on shotguns and rifles with the reticle 2 to 5 MOA. A larger brighter red dot sight is more helpful for fast target acquisition but may inhibit precise aiming. On the other side, the rifles use comparatively smaller red dot size about 2 to 3 MOA. For overcoming bright illumination of dot in the late 1900, reticles of size 3, 4.5 and 6 mrad also used.

Mounting the Very Conscious Discussion Factor

red dot sight

The mounting of red dot sights are very popular among users. Mounting can be similar as thermal scope or night vision scope but the minor differences exist. There are many mounting types (footprints) on the market. Let’s reveals the mounting types one after one.

  1. Aimpoint  Acro Rail
  2. Aimpoint Micro Standard
  3. C-more Standard
  4. Docter/Noblex Standard
  5. Trijicon RMR Standard
  6. Shield Standard

To read more about types and details click here.

Types of Red Dot Sights-Experts Tips for Usage

Red dot sight varies in types for different uses and conditions. Let’s discuss the benefits and features of different types of sites.

Reflex Sight

red dot sight

Red dot reflex is simple to use and generally open design. Reflex sight is used for large view angle and fast target acquisition. It has large window with larger field of view.

Holographic Sight

holographic red dot

It has holographic reticle on holographic film. Holographic sight is more advanced type of reflex. It uses laser project on the holographic film which is then terminated on target for precise aiming. This feature makes it famous among hunter and is a bit expensive technology then reflex sight.

Prism Sight

The prism sigh is next level red dot sight. It uses prism and LED which reflected on to a reticle then terminated on target. It is more traditional and compact design with comparatively smaller viewing angle. It is popular for aiming in harsh shooting area and with-stand environmental conditions.

Pros of Using Red Dot Sight

The most important pros are cheap in price than thermal and night vision technology. East to use and can be mounted on rifles, handguns and pistols. Always choose the best red dot sight for your firearm hunting.

The second important pros when you don’t like bulky scopes on your rifles. It is light weight and reliable easy to carry with your hunting trips. Perhaps red dot sight can be helpful for self-defense on your handgun.

The cheap price is loving factor you don’t need to spend thousands of buckets on night vision scopes and thermal scopes. Unlike the traditional irons sights you don’t need to line up forth and backwards.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a red dot sight?

The optical device used for aiming with different reticles and aiming dot. There are different types of red dot sight, open and closed red dot sights.

Are red dot sights safe to use?

Many shooter claims that the red dot sights are easy to use than iron sights. They provide more accuracy and target aiming and it uses LED instead of laser which is safe to eyes.

Which should I use scope or red dot sight?

The red dot sight now a day is comparatively good to use in budget, quality, weight, design and aiming accuracy. But unfortunately, if you’re using for long ranges red dot sight is not recommended and night vision or thermal scope is better option in that case.


The red dot sights are emerging and replacing a bulky and expensive night and thermal vision scopes. Red dot improves aiming, speed and accuracy and engagement of target in many ways. However it is essential to go with ideal product and do more practice.

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