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The Best SKS Scope Mount: Comprehensive Guide 2024

If you’re SKS gun owner then you probably need best SKS scope mount? Here you will get the most premium SKS scope mount tested that fit perfectly.

If you’re on a budget and need a solid SKS receiver scope mount for use. I’ve sorted the premium quality scope mount which are tested and reviewed. An SKS is a famous gun among rifle enthusiast due to its performance so you need a scope mount that allow a user to shoot with more accuracy and long range shooting more precise.

If you have recent scope which is loose and distract your user experience then it’s time to get rid of that trash. Read out the review for spick and span SKS scope mount. There are many types of SKS scope mount on the market design specifically to provide accuracy and replace the original receiver cover many of them attach rear side and gas tube.

We have tested and reviewed the best night vision scope and thermal rifle scope for you check out.

Types of SKS Scope Mount

There are many options and types of SKS scope mount buy luckily we’re here to improve target acquisition of your AK and SKS rifles by reviewing and testing a lot of SKS scope mounts. There are three main types of SKS scope mount.

The Russian SKS carbines were used in 1945 and still love and followed by many shooters. Iron sights aren’t thought great when you hunt deer or coyotes at 400-500 yards. So you need to replace the iron sight with the SKS scope mount.

Keep reading the 7 min guide and you’ll know about the types and know how to mount them on your SKS or other rifles.

  1. Receiver Cover Mounts
  2. Scout Mounts
  3. Gas Tube Mounts

Receiver Cover Mounts

Receiver cover mounts is most common and popular SKS scope mounts allow you to attach rifle receiver cover and easy installation. Due to simple mounting and precise along with accuracy receiver cover mount is ideal choice of SKS rifle owners.

A one drawback is sit higher on the rifle and make minor accuracy issues which is problematic to get well cheek welds. However you can use it if you neglect the minor accuracy which doesn’t exist.

Scout Mount

Scout mounts are design to attach on the front of receiver that provide natural shooting position with accuracy and stability make your SKS rifle to next level. Scout mounts are improved and updated version of receiver mounts regarding stability and accuracy.

Scout mounts need intensive installation and may need modifications in your rifle. They are more expensive than receiver cover mounts. The SKS rifle is not user friendly so you need a good scout mount to put on the rear sight base. I mount by removing the SKS rear sight leaf. It is easy and looks simple more if you know how to do.

Gas Tube Mounts

The Gas Tube Mounts are attach to the gas tube of the rifle and provides more stability and accuracy. They sit lower on rifle and provide good good cheek welds. They take much time on installation and interfere in the rifle gas system too.

However the selection of SKS scope mounts depends on the user need and condition. Receiver scope mounts are east to mount and provide excellent accuracy, Scout mounts need time to install and may modify the rifle to perfect installation. check your rifle and got the best SKS rifle scope mount.

Best SKS Scope Mount Reviews

1. Weaver Multi-Slot SKS System

A straight weaver SKS scope mount use for stability of optic on SKS rifle

It is made of highest quality with fine steel and used for hunting scope mount. It is multi slot base and tested to tight tolerance for default fit. The aluminum bases offer excellent strength for rings with optimal eye relief.


  • Light weight
  • Single piece mount
  • Tight fit
  • Value for the money


  • The short scope may be not fit

The weaver is engineered as the most reliable scope system and also provides full line mounts, rings and bases. It is affordable the every American hunters and shooters can afford for their rifles.

I used weaver multi rail for the Bushnell TRS-25 sight fit perfectly and easy to install. The hole in weaver mount are line up with holes of receiver and line for 2 holes offers 4 possible positions that a great thing.

You can use it for your Ruger 10-22 tight fit like glove on hand. It has 10.4 ounces weight and made in America with high aluminum quality, so don’t waste your time and money in looking for other useless mounts. I consider it best SKS scope mount still.

2. SKS See-Thru Scope Mount

Best SKS scope mount

The best budget SKS scope mount is here with solid construction and flexibility. I recently bought SKS See-Thru and suspect its quality after first seen and mount my SKS rifle for upgrading purpose.

Reason to Buy:

  • Best price
  • Versatile
  • Hold zero
  • Value for price

Reason to Avoid:

  • Actively fit by hands

Overall SKS See-Thru is a brand and excellent quality scope mount for SKS and rifles as it is right to say apprehensive. I tried it on the Yugoslavian SKS 59/66 and it superbly tight.

By taking into account user needs I acknowledge the perfect fit and mounting of red dot sight and ordinary scope? It is fine to complete 40 rounds while sighting in the scope subsequently.

3. Magwedge SKS Scope Mount Rail

Best SKS scope mount

I think it is best to be mounted on your SKS for red dots and scopes. It is rugged and solid unit for adjusting the scope on SKS precisely and accurately. It can be pivoted upward to offer easy cleaning of action. You don’t need to readjust when you pivot up. It ultimately readjust zero when you put back to closed position.


  • Sturdy unit
  • Prevent post cleaning readjustment
  • Extraordinary manufacturing material
  • Versatile
  • Slim fit easy installation


  • Pricier

The most favorite scope mounts of hunters and shooters due to its versatility and light weight steel construction. We tested many SKS scope mount but only choose high quality light weight. Bulky mounts can cause the whole rifle heavy so only choose the recommended weight.

I used Magwedge SKS scope mount with my team on AK unit. High compatibility makes it excellent without any exception.

4. Matador SKS Full Length Optic Rail Mount

Best SKS scope mounts

If you’re going to install tactical optics on your SKS rifle you need this long rail mount for perfect fit.

Now your SKS rifle is changes into modern rifle with high accuracy target acquisition and perfectly fit your optic. Matador SKS full length rail mount is one of the best SKS scope mount which provides adjustable eye relief and help to put on many accessories to your rifle.

The conversion into tactical rifle is excellent with this full rail mount. It is lightweight constructed with aluminum and deflects shells. The built in defector deflects the shell right off safely to avoid mount damaging.

Reason to buy:

  • Enhance SKS rifle
  • Slim fit
  • Excellent deflection
  • Hold zero well 

Reason to Avoid:

  • Pricier

The unique designs that adjust the rear sight and glove fit with spick and span railing and replacing exact rail slots. You can also adjust picatinny bases.

It allows a handsome space for eye relief and holding zero well. You’re free to readjust the zero every time you replace. The installation is easy and slim fit your rifle as I have tried 900 rounds and it still hold zero every time and still on its place, you’re good to go.

5. AR-Gear SKS Rifle See-thru Receiver

best SKS scope mount

If you’re looking for high profile with integral weaver and picatinny mount then AR-Gear SKS rifle receiver is best SKS scope mount under $50.

It takes time to installation but the fitting is long term holding zero. It is rugged and hard to bear anything you drop on it. It non-rocking steel one piece construction rail mount. Also it comes with one ring and don’t need to worry about its damage.

Reason to buy:

  • Best for SKS scope  mount
  • Easy install with two strokes
  • Fits best for long run
  • Hold zero
  • Tried 1100 rounds still place

Reason to Avoid:

  • Need experience person for perfect fit

It takes hour to care filing but fit solid and no free-play is left to loose. You can mark the surface with pencil so that you are clearly able to see where you’re filing and cigar paper used and filing.

It made long to make sure any variation adjustment. You just put on and file one or two strokes and that’s all fit yours. Just file one stroke ad check if further need then go for second stroke, don’t over file it.

The best rifle scopes can mount by AR-Gear SKS rifle receiver mount. You don’t want to any ejection damage to your scope so use accordingly an average size scope.

Installation Compatibility of Scope on SKS Rifle

It depends on your choice of scope mount either you’re selecting easy mount that takes time less or done by professional. The mounts that need to remove rear sight are easy tom mount and are straightforward. The main problem in mounting the SKS scope mount is how to properly balance and the weight doesn’t matter.

Either you’re choosing the scope mount easy install or professional install it should tightened properly and not free space for play. It is essential for proper deflection of shells without damaging the scope. The user manual and take guidance from YouTube and you’re good to go. If still unable to do that go ahead for gunsmith.

Mounting Procedure

Mounting SKS scope mount is easy and require simple steps. First you need to remove or detach the rear sight on rifle by loosing screws. The mount attach to the rifle’s receivers with provided screws. After tight up screws mount your best night vision or thermal scope.

It is better to note that mounting process may vary depending on your choice of SKS scope mount. Users must know and understand the manufacturer’s instructions and follow user manual for proper fit installation.

Rifle Compatibility

SKS scope mount are specifically design to mount on the SKS rifles but always check your rifle compatibility before buying the scope mount. However some mounts may vary and need work for perfect installation.

User ensure that proper functioning of rifle any damage to the rifle receiver may vary the accuracy and scope mount performance.

Optic Compatibility

SKS rifle scope mounts are diversified in mounting the variety of optical night vision scopes, thermal scopes, red dot sights and reflex sights. Always check either your scope is compatible with the SKS scope mount you’re plan to use.

It is essential to ensure that the optic are properly install and fit perfectly to avoid any issues. However any improper installation of optic may affect the accuracy and even dislodged during use.

You’ll thanks me later trust me!

Frequently Asked Questions

The SKS rifle suites the best SKS scopes Vortex Strikefire II red dot sight, Leupold FX-II ultralight 2.5×20 and vortex Crossfire II best for SKS rifle.

Yes you can add scope mount to your SKS in three variation according your SKS rifle type. First receiver scope mount, Scout scope mount and Gas tube mount respectively.

The SKS rifle used by Soviet Union military later replaced by the AK-47 the second most popular rifle in world war 1. The SKS scope mount is used for SKS rifle to install optical night vision or thermal scope that fit perfectly.

The dovetail mount straight mounting bracket with an inverted dovetail cross section. Weaver and picatinny is generally the same design like dovetail as like derivatives. You can install optical sights and other scopes on OP-SKS carbines.

The SKS stand for (Samozaryadny Karabin Sistemy Simonova) and is designed for long range magnified rifle fall somewhere between the typical rifle and sniper rifle.


The SKS rifle scope mount is consider to buy for perfect installation of optical scopes and devices on SKS rifle. I have covered extensive information on SKS scope mount for your easy accurate and precise shooting with SKS rifles.

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