night owl nightshot digital riflescope review

Night Owl NightShot Digital Riflescope Review 2024

Are you getting bore by comparing night vision scope and still unable to get the right one? Hey! Read the full review to hold your opinion on the best one by Night Owl optics Nightshot digital riflescope review. It is most advanced and widely used by the hunters and shooters. You can also check our best night vision scopes under $1000.

It imparts digital features but at the same time it is user friendly and traditional in style and structure with its unique body. Also, you don’t need to buy it with tons of money and deep pockets. It is traditional scope without IIT.

It is ideal for low caliber rifle .308 and the most important feature is its magnification at night time performance for which it is well known among hunters and shooters. In case you want to hunt in a moderate distance range then you should probably go for “nightshot” digital night vision rifle scope.

Night Owl Optics Nightshot Digital Riflescope Worthful

night owl nightshot digital riflescope

Due to its unique style and digital capability it is ideal for night hunter with its 850nm IR illuminator; is easy to see in the dark and it can’t be removed. You can use it for night time coyote and hog hunting. Its 200 yards range is up to the mark. It also support a mounting rails if you wish to hand extra strong IR you can.

Can we use night owl optics night shot at daytime?

Yes, in the scenario of daytime use just turn the IR illuminator off. It is just because of digital blessing by night owl. You can use it in low light conditions as well where other night vision scopes lacks this quality.

It imparts good quality resolution 640×480 fantastic! It also contains high end IR which is alike flashlight and reveal the secret of night time. It also contains three reticle types you can switch it between black and white and green. Night owl optics digital night scope is durable and lightweight user friendly and easy access control panel on the top.

Reason to buy:

  • Ideal price
  • Weather resistant
  • Digital night vision
  • 850nm Built-in IR
  • 3 reticle type
  • 200 yards range
  • Lightweight
  • Digital generation device

Reason to Avoid:

  • Low caliber rifle
  • Average battery time
  • Plastic body

Technical Specifications

Brand  Night owl optics
Field of view                           240 ft. 5 degree
SensorM256 sensor, 3864H x 2218V
CoreObsidian IV dual core
Micro display                          1280×720
Video recording resolution   1080
Gyroscope  Yes
Smart Range Finder                 Yes
Micro SD Card                           4-64 GB
Battery life                                18+ hours
Eye relief                                    90mm
3D accelerometer                    Yes  
Reticle                                        Multiple Pattern color options
Zoom       Yes                   
Technical features of nightshot night owl optics digital riflescope

Prominent Features in Night Owl Optics “Night shot”:

1. Compact Design:

night owl optics nightshot digital riflescope

It designed in the United State by one of the best optics maker night owl optics. It style is rigid and compact able to withstand toughest weather conditions and moisture.

2. Aiming and Zoom Stability:

Its magnification is up to mark 3x power. If we talk about the image quality resolution then it still wins the race while zooming in and out. However it is ideal for 30 caliber and best for short range.

3. Control Panel and Adjustability:

night owl nightshot digital riflescope

It is user friendly and easy to navigate the control while hunting. Front end near to ocular side contains first button IR illuminator second for brightness control and last one on the menu is power button. Easy and quick use of soft buttons you can use during hunting without any trouble.

It also imparts three knobs for windage, elevation and lens focus. Small wheels on right, left and top side for easy access.

4. Battery Timing:

Almost all night vision optics need high battery source to operate in the night. Mostly night vision scopes uses CR123A batteries and AA batteries. Here night owl optics night shot contains 4AA batteries that can last up to 3 hours when using with high power IR.

Battery time is inversely related to IR usage. If you’re using high power IR mode it can last for 3 hours and with low power IR mode you can increase the time up to 5 hours. So it depends on you how you are using the night vision scope.

5. IR Illuminator:

Night owl nightshot digital riflescope review

It has 850 nm IR which converts infrared light signals into visible light and bright up the dark night evils and make you capable to down the target without noticing your presence to your prey. If you want to use the IR at full power keep in mind that you’re eating up battery and reducing time. keep IR at moderate power and enjoy the average battery time of 5 hours.

Important Questions/Answers about Night Owl Optics:

1. Is night owl scope review is trustworthy?

Yes, as an affiliate it is our responsibility to review honestly and you can trust review based on facts and hands on testing by experts. I personally recommend night owl optics nightshot digital rifle scope is one of the best scope in this price range.

2. Batteries are in purchase or buy separately?

No, obviously with this price range, we are getting amazing digital night vision scope. So we have to buy four AA batteries separately for good performance.

3. What reticle type does nightshot have?

Nightshot digital riflescope imparts both black and white color with 6 different reticle options. It also has crosshair, hash mark and dot reticle. You can use it according to your convenience.

4. What features does digital night vision scope must have?

Digital means relevancy with the display or screen. Nightshot digital riflescope has display instead of traditional image intensifier tube. Digital night vision device convert IR light signals into image by built-in chip.

5. Is Nightshot Digital Night Vision record video?

No, it isn’t record any video and audio as this feature is available with cost and higher end digital scopes. However it is mostly resemble with the traditional IIT intensifier tube. But if you talk about the performance then it is still best with the price and only one in the market with digital features.

6. What is its compatibility for type of caliber rifle?

This scope is ideal for air rifle and can be mounted to AR-15. Nightshot night owl optics is shock proof for recoil up to .30 caliber and lower.


To light up your dark night “night owl optics night shot digital riflescope” plays ideal role in hunting. It is embedded with the fundamental features of digital riflescope but can’t record video and audio. There are many positive reviews from the buyers that it is best according to price tag and you can’t argue with it.

If you’re looking high end digital scope with high cost thenSightmark Photon RT 4.5-9×42 meets your need. It is more updated scope from nightshot but to some extent not have all the digital features as we’re looking these days.

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