How to Use Thermal Riflescope: Amazing 7 (protection tips)

In this article you’re going to know how to use thermal riflescope for long life and best practices to use and keep thermal scopes.

Thermal scopes are most revolutionized and modern technology in the field of hunting and various industries including military, law enforcement, wildlife observation and bird watching spotting scopes with thermal lens. Here you will know how to use thermal riflescope and their protection tips with untapped tricks.

First of all, you should know what thermal scope is and how it works?

Thermal scopes or thermal imaging scope works on the principle of thermal imaging technology which captures infrared signals from the emitting objects. Unlike the night vision scopes which captures and amplify the existing light such moonlight. now you will learn how to use thermal riflescope.

How To Use Thermal Riflescope Protection and Tips

It is very necessary to keep thermal scope in a protective way as it cost much than an ordinary thermal scope. You spend thousands of buckets on thermal imaging technology from $1000 to $5000 max. So you should know about the protection. Let’s move on the thermal scope safety tips.

1. Eye Protection:

eye protection by scope bite

One of the most important measures is to maintain eye protection by making proper eye relief of 30-35mm. It can protect your eye and face from “scope bite”. The term scope bite is refers to the situation when you don’t create a proper eye relief and you gun recoils and hit your eyebrows and eye. It can cause severe bleeding and painful injury.

So in this way keep eye relief properly not to cope with the malfunctioning of the device for good consequences.

2. Safe Handling Of Firearms And Scope:

safe handling of firearms

If you’re using the thermal rifle scope or any other firearm, keep in mind to point it in a safe direction. Keep your weapon unloaded until you’re ready to use. You should know about handling practices and their usage.

3. Respect Privacy:

Avoid using thermal scope rifles in public areas and don’t take their pictures by pointing in their direction without consent. Keep your hunting firearms in the field and don’t show in public or handover to children, it can violate the privacy. As a hunter you should know the aspects how to use thermal riflescope with privacy.

4. Lens Protection Cover:

Thermal scopes are very expensive and delicate devices that need proper care while using. Cover the lens with lens cap when not in use to avoid scratching of lens.

5. Proper Maintenance and Cleaning:

how to clean your rifle scope

If you have a thermal scope then you should know about the safety of it. Also you should know how to clean and how to zero a thermal scope. Proper care and cleaning is required for it longer life. Choosing the right thermals cope is important. Here are thermal scope reviews and recommendations.

Thermal Scope Usage and Tips

If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to use a thermal scope then read it with full concentration.

1. Device Familiarity:

Before moving towards field, deeply read your device user manual for better understanding of what you’re going to use and how. Understanding the basic settings, functions and features is necessary before heading toward the fields.

2. Adjust The Focus:

how to focus rifle scope-how to use thermal riflescope

If you’ve adjust the right focus then you will get the sharp images so never forget to do this setting. Most of the scopes have diopter to adjust the focus so take advantage of this. Proper focus is necessary in the field to properly view the FOV‘s target.

3. Selecting The Right Mode:

Thermal scopes have color modes to best work with the environment, white hot/ black hot and many color palettes. Try different modes to check which one is best with your hunting situation.

4. Zero Your Scope:

The thermal scopes impart one shot zero function for auto zeroing the scope. Ensure that your thermal scope have this feature because it is very necessary for precision and accuracy. Zero means your point of aim corresponds to point of impact for hitting the target accurately.

5. Understanding The Temperature Difference:

thermal scope

As you know thermal scope works on heat detection by the objects. If the object is warmer than the surrounding then it is more convenient to recognize the target with respect to its surrounding.

6. Manage Battery Life:

Thermal scopes provide powerful display so it requires more battery consumption. You should have a spare battery or power bank to smoothly working of your thermal scope.

7. Maintain Right Eye Relief:

It is most important to know the beginner about the merits of maintaining proper eye distance from the injury by recoils “scope bite”. The normal eye relief is 30mm to 35mm.

These are all the possible using tips for thermal scopes to enjoy their use without any trouble. Hope these tips and settings will help you in the field during your hunting trip.

What is a good thermal scope?

best thermal scope

A good thermal scope is that which captures heat signals by its high resolution 382×288 Sensor. It features Lightweight, AMOLED display with waterproof technology.

It contains lens protector for thermal scope that is covers the expensive lens from being damaged. You should also check with it is moisture protected or not.

Thermal scopes can last more than a human life around 40+ years if you keep it with recommended guidelines and protective measures. Read the article for thermal scope protection with pro tips.

Types of Sensation

1. Infrared  Sensing:

Thermal scopes detect the heat radiation by special sensor called micro bolometer. All the thermal scopes use this sensor for thermal imaging and good performance of the thermal scope.

You will have to check to features while buying a thermal scopes, it contains microbolometer or quantum well infrared photo detector (QWIP).

2. Infrared Emission:

All objects released infrared radiations all the time that can be capture by thermal sensors to see the objects that can’t be seen with naked eye or you can see them at night. The amount of radiation emit by the object is directly proportional to the temperature.

3. Sensory Array:

The thermal sensor contains two dimensional arrays of tiny elements that captures light coming from specific area of field. These tiny pixels can detect thermal radiations.

4. Infrared Imaging

The microbolometer captures heat signals and each pixel converts into electrical signal and processed it. After processing these signals convert to visual image on the display.


In this article, you will know about the thermal scope protection tips and tricks about how to use thermal scopes. All these protective tips are finalize after research and experts reviews of our team. Hope you will get help buy reading this guide. If you want to know more about thermal scope then read further.

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