how to bore-sight an ar-15

How To Bore-Sight An AR-15: Better Explain

Are you worried about your bore sighting issues with your AR-15? here I will show you the easy steps on how to bore-sight an ar-15.

Let’s settle the issues by discussing and I will show you the best practices to align your reticle with bore. You may face adjustment issues with your optics right after opening the box.

There are many variations in sighting the scope, red dots and laser range finder. You have to adjust them all to save your time and ammo otherwise you miss the target. If you’ve regular daytime scope you can check how to adjust your rifle scope, windage and elevations problems.

If you’re hitting the target or want to down monstrous pig, you must know where the bullet is actually hitting which is only possible when you had right bore sight with reticle alignment.

How To Bore-sight An AR-15 In Minutes At Indoor And Outdoor

how to bore sight an ar-15

What is bore-sighting?

Bore-sighting is a technique by which you can adjust the weapon’s barrel along sights. It is essential for the perfect target acquisition and hitting.

You can draw for reliable adjustment with the firearm reticle with the center barrel, the bore. So I will go to show to the best easy steps to set in your AR-15 bore-sight.

Things you need while adjusting

  1. AR-15
  2. Gadget to remove bolt ­­(optional)
  3. Target (try to select non-living during adjustment)
  4. Flat bechrest for rifle
  5. Sandbags may use
  6. Ammo
  7. Laser sight

8 Easy steps to adjust bore-sight for AR-15 indoor/outdoor

  1. Charge your bore-sight right out of the box and make sure it is fully charged.
  2. Place your AR-15 on a leveled table or bench rest and make sure rifle is unloaded and is pointed in a safe direction.
  3. Place your target at 25 yards at-least
  4. By locking the bolt, open from rear
  5. Place your laser bore sight into the chamber
  6. Close bolt slowly and it will turn on bore-sight when fully closed.
  7. Aligning the laser right on the target center
  8. Finally see in the optics for further adjustment by setting the windage and elevation knobs. Match your cross hairs and make sure it is align up with dot laser.

Now, let’s move in the battle field for live shooting.

It is necessary for you to adjust rifle perfectly and for accuracy and precision for better hunting experience with your AR-15.

What is AR-15 Bore-sight And Why It Is Important

Bore sight adjustment of reticle and canter of barrels

Boresight is adjustment of firearm’s reticle with the center of barrel. Before moving ahead, listen why it is so important and essential.

It is essential to avoid any imminent danger that may cause trouble for you and others. So keep it align and adjust the barrel with the reticle.

the zeroing of scope on paper for accurate performance

As a beginner, you hardly find any error in zeroing the scope. If you’re missing the target, it is useless for you how much cost you put on scope and invested in any optics or rifle. So, things need accuracy for better performance in real time battle grounds.

Methods of adjustment for AR-15

First, you can simply remove bolt and look by naked eye through the device. Make adjustment accordingly as you’re using scopes. It is not so accurate and effective because bit uncertainty may leave.

The second, most accurate method is using laser bore sight for alignment and adjustment. It is most reliable, accurate and effective and makes your life easy.

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The most important is your personal safety. Always use protection eye glasses and ear protection headset for un-protective sound which will harm your listening abilities. Check out for video how to bore sight an AR-15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to place target at 25 yards?

Not mandatory but it is used as a standard distance to check boresight adjustment. Not hard and fast, you can vary the distance but 25 yards is standard for you at all.

Can boresight helpful in accuracy?

Yes, it is accurate both by naked eye adjustment and by laser bore sight. But you should use laser for fixation. It is more accurate, precise and effective.

The Final Words:

You’re sighting in and adjust barrel with sight and looking your shots on paper. Simply zero your rifle and you will do it fast and save time. I provide best easy steps to follow and help you to adjust your rifle.

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