holosun hs510c review

HOLOSUN HS510C Review 2024: Worth for the Money?

I have been looking for low power optics for home defense and with holosun hs510c is end up my search because nothing more reliable than this sight. here is HOLOSUN hs510c review along with using experience and features.

Fortunately I have directed many friends to this reflex sight as I want to review Holosun hs510 reflex so that other may get a right pros and cons and get their desirable optic to mount on handgun.

If you need 1x illuminated high clear optic reflex this is the only one to stack up on your EOtech.

Here is top reviewed best red dot sights also check for various options.

Before proceeding to whole review let’s have a look at specs and techs.

FeaturesHOLOSUN HS510c
Dot size2 MOA /65 MOA circle
StyleFor longer barrels
SportsHunting, self-defense
Reflex weight8.3 ounces
Eye reliefInfinite
Reticle colorRed
Battery life 50,000 hours
Objective lens30mm
HOLOSUN HS510C Review-Features Table

In fact, HOLOSUN Hs510c is versatile open reflex sight designed for long gun applications. It is best compatible on PCCs, shotguns and home on carbines due to its durable design.  This sight has aluminum housing with titanium hood for added shock resilience and include QD co-witness mount.

My Honest HOLOSUN HS510C Review

This is holosun hs510c review base on live field test of red dot reflex

I was using EOTech sight on AR-15 for long time for home defense. It stayed with me over the longer period of time and never need to reset. Every time I just picked it up and ready to go on my vibes.

Finally when I received my HOLOSUN it is quite pleasing for me to mount it through the paces and completely replaced my EOTech. Now I’m ordering three more for my family crew. Let’s dive in specifications,

Glass Clarity and Reticle

The glass coating is something more than expected from a high end reflex sight but the reticle is crossing median in excellence. The reflection is low but perfect for the purpose at daytime and beating my existing EOTeach. The reddish color is perfectly acceptable for use in daytime.

HOLOSUN hs510c has extraordinary glass clarity in day time and both red and green dot visibility allow better visual sensation

The reticle is equipped with MRS system to select fast sight picture for shorter distance. One of the best reticle choice features with two elements. One is 65MOA circle with central hashes and 2MOA central red dot. The larger ring can be deactivated leaving 2MOA dot for un-cluttered sight picture.

Eye Relief and Eye Box

HOLOSUN hs510c has unlimited eye relief and eye box on both scope are quite identical. It is bit difficult to put caliper in slot without damaging the glass as it is quite risky.

hs510c red dot sight has unlimited eye relief and easy to use

I really like HOLOSUN for showing less clutter in sight than EOTech. The crystal clear and no distortion during use thus making it a good sight for people using with astigmatism.


I impressed with its design and durability. Holosun hs510c reflex is not only light but also super tough. It is rugged piece of aluminum with durable design. I’m expecting a slight drop in the price.

Holosun reflex is very durable and rugged unit worth for the money and mounted rifles and handguns

The core stem of hs510c is strong and titanium alloy hood added more strength and rest of the aluminum frame make it anti damaged. When the right material assembles in a right place then HOLOSUN products come into existence well done.

Elevation and Windage Screw

The elevation and windage is somehow easy to adjust with knobs. It is one time setting and you’re good to go for the lasting.

the elevation and windage are easy to adjust and only one time zeroed you can adjust it without wrench and tools

You need screw driver or provided wrench for tightening or losing the adjustments.

I generally like to dial access while on rifles and must be accessible without tool and it allows to sight change. HOLOSUN had made sure for this type of adjustment.

All in all you look no further if you’re fed up zeroing your red dot sight. I zeroed it for the first time and changes rifles and handgun dozens of time and it still no need to zero the sight just put and ready to shot.

Battery Life

It provides 50,000 hours of extended battery life and I’m very satisfied with the battery time and life. The best thing is Shake Awake Technology what I’m not expecting in this price but Holosun never disappointed me.

Every time when I put down my HOLOSSUN and not in use it automatically shuts down and helps to conserve battery. As I picked it up the movement on the reflex sensibly on the optic and ready to take shot.

You can use Shake Awake Technology setting between 10 minutes to 12 hours you can deactivate or change in settings any time.

Mounting and Rings

It carry the best mounting and impressed with the quick detach system rails. You just need to put on rails forward and lock it down and you had done.

HOLOSUN hs510c has piccatiny rails mounts and easy to install on multiple weapons

It experienced off and on without any adjustment needed and it is good to go and it serves me well from the time I had bought this red dot sight.

It is rugged and never loose even changing on different weapon I hope it serves you well too.

How HOLOSUN Hs510c Works For You

The red dot sight I had reviewed also has firm believe it worked well enough for me that I’m reviewing it for others. If you’re habitual of using night optics for hunting then it serves you well unless you abuse it.

A bright 3 MOA red dot sight centered zero with good illumination

HOLOSUN HS510C red dot sight is top quality and rugged reflex for night enthusiast. Its durability and functionality competes with every other sight in this price range and almost all models of EOTech.

If you’re going to spend money on HOLOSUN HS510C red dot then it value for the money and if you’re looking for something more and crosshair reticle then have a look on other best red dot sights.

Frequently Asked Questions

HS510C is easy to install on picatinny rail. you just need to put it on and push forward. Down it forcefully and that all. You don’t need to zero even after changing weapons.

HOLOSUN hs510c is made by Rua Foireann Inc in California USA. It is very popular and reputating brand in red dot reflexes and competes top quality manufacturers.

It is very simple to change just move in the setting area and select reticle and shit it to dot or circle. Also you are allowed to change the dot color from red to green and vice versa.


The HOLOSUN HS510C is worth for the money in my opinion and experience after testing it. The blend of advanced technology and horrible approach to target make it versatile and significant in all other red dot sights. If you have bought the HOLOSUN let me know how much you find it advantageous and share your thoughts about HOLOSUN HS510C red dot sight.

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