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6 Best Night Vision Crossbow Scopes 2024

As you know, night vision devices are mostly used with the rifles. So there is another way of usage scope with crossbow. Night hunters need a best night vision crossbow scopes for night hunting.

As a hunter, you always need to select the night vision scope for your revolutionary hunting experience. It is challenging to choose the best crossbow scope due to its flooding on the market. If you are obsessed with hunting under the dark woods with your crossbow, it will definitely need best crossbow scopes for better target acquisition at night.

For all hunters and shooters, they are proven to be the best gadget during their hunting especially when animals like hogs and rodents move around in a large number. If you want to choose a good crossbow scope with night vision features and other techs you should read the full review. It will definitely land you on a true product which is best for you. Here are the night vision best crossbow scopes reviewed by experts.

Best Crossbow Scope 2024 Quick Pick

Best Range Finding Crossbow Scope: Burris Oracle X Crossbow Scope

Best BDC Reticle Scope: Tenpoint EVO-X Marksman Elite Crossbow Scope

Best Crossbow Scope For the Money: Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Crossbow Scope

Best Crossbow Scope under $100: TRUGLO Archery Crossbow Scope

Best Thermal Crossbow Scope: AGM Rattler TS25-256 Thermal Imaging Scope

6 Best Night Vision Crossbow Scopes 2024 Review

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Sightmark Ghost Hunter Night Vision Monocular Color: Black
Brand: Sightmark
Sports Type: Hunting, Climbing, Airsoft and tactical
Check Price
backpac ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope Color: Black
brand: ATN
Style: 5-20x
Sports type: Hunting
Check Price
cordlessblower AGM Rattler TS25-256
best thermal crossbow scope
Color: Black
Brand: AGM Rattler
Sports Type: Hunting
Check Price
cordlessblower Sightmark Wraith Digital Night Vision Riflescope Color: Black
Brand: Sightmark
Style: Digital,Classic
Sports Type: Hunting
Check Price
cordlessblower Night Owl Optics NightShot Rifle Scope Color: Black
Brand: Night Owl Optics
Style: Digital
Sports Type: Hunting
Check Price
cordlessblower ATN ThOR-HD 384 4.5-18x, 384×288, 50 mm, Thermal Rifle Scope Color: Black
Brand: ATN
Style: ThOR HD 384 4.5-18X
Sports Type: Hunting
Check Price

1. Sightmark Ghost Hunter 2×24: Best Overall

best night vision crossbow scopes

If you’re a beginner or professional hunter, Sightmark ghost hunter is the best gadget for you. It will help you in the dark or low light conditions to hunt hogs and rodents in an entertaining way. With the dozens of other night scopes on the market, this one is preferable if someone wants to go with a lightweight and durable quality. Beginners should go with this model.

Due to its lightweight and fine structure it is recommended by experts to mount on your crossbow. But the one thing I observed is its smooth working while hunting. I generally use night vision scopes with more than 30mm lenses but 24mm lenses are still found better.

Marvelous Outlook And Performance……….

If we talk about its shape and compact structure, no other scope can beat it anyway. Its submerged lens protects it from scratches and breaks. Honestly this is a fully featured gadget by Sightmark. Corner breaking, Sightmark is excellent choice as best night vision crossbow scopes.

In comparison to other scopes that may feel heavy for your crossbow and make your experience a bit bad, but this model will not let you go without buying it. Sightmark ghost hunter is one of the best crossbow night vision.


  • Lightweight
  • Astonishing price tag
  • Less distortion
  • Sharp focus
  • Dual focus adjustment


  • No helmet mount
  • No battery with unit

Technical Features

Dimensions L x W x H4x3x9 inches
Sport typeHunting, Airsoft, boating
Item weight0.25 kilograms
Operating time72 hours without IR
Lens diameter24mm
Best Working modeDarkness and low light

Our Verdict

I have never thought about such a creation by sightmark at such a low and flat price. It is weather resistant and the best gadget that has astonishing results in the dark and ambient light conditions without IR using the crossbow.

When using IR, the lens is filled with the red light that focuses much better and clears the field of view. I highly recommend Sightmark ghost hunter with a good price. Testers recommend on base of high quality and functions as best crossbow scope.

2. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 5-20x: Best Crossbow Scope

best night vision crossbow scopes

If we talk about high quality night vision best crossbow scopes then ATN X sight 4K 5-20 crossbow scope still wins the toss. This scope has good performance in ambient light with maximum clarity holding capacity. It featured ultra HD 4K sensor in combination of obsidian 4 dual core which provides cutting edge technology and excellent resolution.

It has advanced features with structural and functional improvements over the other previous scopes. You can record video and click a still picture with maximum 1080 high definition quality. The only drawback I found is its weight is a little bit more for crossbow use but other people may not notice this change. We tested it for ballistic calculator which ensure the shot hits the target at right place making it best night vision crossbow scopes considerably.

It is a digital rifle scope that records video and live streaming at a time. It is the best day and night crossbow night vision scope with high resolution holding capacity. This variant is highly efficient and can withstand all weather conditions. A dual screen video recording what you need in best crossbow scopes along with RAV (recoil activated video).

Let’s Talk About Its Performance……

ATN X sight 4K has two variants 3-14x and 5-20x the former is better in field of view. Both scope has 50mm objective lens diameter. It is very easy to mount on your crossbow and simply use it.

It contains an advanced 4K sensor and with ultra HD resolution. You can use it with a crossbow to show your hunting experience to others.

With the built in dual core processor, you can record video and live stream immediately as the sensor and processor access the Wi-Fi and blue tooth. So you can share your video with family and friends.

RAV Technology……

Recoil Activated Technology is the most advanced feature for your night vision crossbow scope as many brands did not offer this feature yet. You don’t need to focus on recoil and starting video during the shot. Sensor automatically senses the recoil and starts the video. The ATN X-sight 4K pros is ideal best night vision crossbow scopes.

Let’s Have A Look At Pros and Cons….


  • Soft eye ergonomics
  • Amazing battery life
  • Video recording 1080
  • Best crossbow combo
  • Crystal night performance
  • Bluetooth and wi-fi


  • A bit heavy
  • decline function in fog

Technical Features

Field of view at 1000 yards240 ft. 5 degree
SensorM256 sensor, 3864 H x2218 V
Core obsidian IV dual core
Micro display1280×720 HD
Video recording resolution1080
Smart rangefinderyes
Micro SD card4-64 GB
Battery life18+ hours
Eye relief90mm
3D accelerometeryes
Reticle multiple patterns color option
best night vision scopes Features

Our Verdict

As I have hand tested this single product for review. This scope is very perfect for crossbow hunting and it has all exceptional features with a reasonable price. One thing that I found amazing is the IR illuminator.

Without using an IR illuminator even at night, the image is crystal clear and bright. In that way daytime hunting is definitely to the next level. Experts highly recommend this gadget with dozens of reviews. Go and grab your night vision crossbow scope.

3. AGM Rattler TS25-256 Best Crossbow Scope:

AGM Rattler TS25-256 Thermal Imaging Scope

The AGM Rattler TS25-256 thermal scope is always a great choice of hunters and shooters. It is great option to put on a crossbow for hunting. I have tested it for number of factors for its durability and especially to use it with crossbow.

After successfully installing on my crossbow it feel somehow bulky but it boasts your experience when you actually carry it to take shot. Installation is absolutely perfect and it features high end resolution at night and daytime. The thermal resolution is 256×192 and 12micro meter high end sensitivity sensor make it a valuable thermal scope.

It is great combination as best crossbow scope with its only 2 pounds weight. If you’re using it with rifle it may looks bulky comparable to the weight of rifle but in case of crossbow scope it feels light weight.

Thermal scopes are generally used on rifles but testers scores AGM rattler TS25 is one of the ideal best crossbow scopes for its light weight and accurate mounting. you can’t get even a more better thermal scope for your crossbow hunting.

Let’s Have A Look At Pros and Cons ……


  • Weather resistance
  • Hard and durable
  • Easy battery change
  • Crystal night vision
  • Shockproof for crossbow
  • Weaver system
  • Eye ergonomics


  • Little heavy
  • Weak rails

Technical Features

Brand AGM
Objective lens42mm
Quick detach weaver mountYes
Sport typeHunting
Eye ergonomics4.5mm
Item Dimensions LxWxH9 x 5 x 3 inches
Item Weight 2 pounds
Night vision Yes

Our Verdict

I choose this scope for both beginners and professionals because it never disappointed me and hopefully you too. With the top notch qualities, you should have this crossbow scope. Highly recommended go and get your own.

4. Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope

best thermal crossbow scope

If we talk about the Sightmark the first thing that comes to mind is Sightmark wraith HD digital rifle scope. It offers high image quality in the dark to laden your experience of hunting with fun. If you are looking for a budget crossbow scope then this model is perfectly made for you with all techs and specs. It provides a wide field of view with 1920x1080p HD video recording.

It has a compact body shell composed of aluminum which makes it more strong against the weather. It has ten reticle options and 8 colors mode add more value over other night vision best crossbow scopes.

During daytime two modes can be used, white and black and switching to green during night time is amazing. ATN X-sight is regarded as best night vision crossbow scopes for hog hunting.

Let’s Talk About Its Performance……..

A responsive long range night vision crossbow scope must have high magnification power. Sightmark wraith digital night vision crossbow scope has 4-32x magnification with zoom in object capability.

Easy menu system to navigate and have good image quality. Its 2 optical zoom and 8 digital zoom makes it worth as the crossbow scope. Its 1x magnification really looks like 3x.

It is listed with a max range of 200 yards but I observed its clarity beyond 300 yards even with a low IR setting. It has a CR123A 3-volts battery that comes with the model. I use a 3.7 volts Li-ion rechargeable battery but it doesn’t beat the performance of a pair of CR123A 3-volts batteries.

Furthermore it has removable 850nm IR, which you can remove during daytime shots to reduce the weight. I highly recommend the 2x version of the scope.

Let’s Talk About Its Pros And Cons….


  • White, black and green colors
  • High resolution
  • 8x digital zoom
  • Video recording sensor
  • Bright green view at night
  • Nice control panel at top


  • Snowy image in adverse weather
  • Little heavier

Technical Features

Brand Sightmark
ColorHD-4 32×50
Dimension17x3x2.5 inches
Item Weight               2 pounds
Sport typeHunting
Compatible Devices Rifle, Crossbow
Field Of View 4 Degrees
Legal users       Adults
AccessoriesIR Flashlight, Objective Lens Cover
Sport typeHunting, Scouting And Entertaining

Our Verdict

I have hand tested this scope for my review. Surprisingly I placed it at third position but it should be at the top due to astonishing features. Price, accessories, tech and specs all goes well, everything is amazing. This night vision crossbow scope is highly recommended for experts and a miracle for beginners.

5. Night Owl NightShot Rifle Scope-Best Crossbow Scope

best thermal crossbow scopes

Night owl optics Night Shot is a unique digital best crossbow scope in a cheap price. It’s a gift for you to use it with a crossbow to hunt deer and hogs whatever you like. This scope is a military special choice and experts love it. It is a multifunctional scope used by everyone either civilian or army personnel. On a tight budget it is the best scope for crossbow to buy around under $500.

Its plastic body made of polymer material makes it more weather resistant and lightweight to use with a crossbow or rifle. It has a simple control panel at the top with red power button and screws at top and right side for adjustment.

Night shot has a good range of 100 yards on normal weather night and may extend to 200 yards. It has 640×480 resolution with crisp images of night and day hunting. Nightshot rifle scope can be mounted on crossbow with 1.7 pounds weight best night vision crossbow scopes.

Let’s Discuss The Performance…….

Target acquisition by 3.5 MOV dot brightened by world best LED. Its outstanding clarity at night due to the best IR 850nm.

If you are using a scope with high IR power then battery time is reduced to 2-3 hours of four AA batteries. So it is better to use without IR in the day time with max clarity. And at night you can use low power IR with the same clarity. This is the impressive thing in night owl optics night-shot.

It is easy to mount on weaver rail and best used for hunting coyote and varmint near my fields. So a user  will be happy with the satisfying price under $500. It is cheap but techs make it proud.

It doesn’t have any video recording capabilities but is recognized as a digital rifle scope. Anyhow, this is really an exception!. But as a crossbow scope you can use it in any way with IR, without IR like it is best.

Let’s Have A Look At The Pros And Cons……


  • Additional IR option
  • Eye ergonomics
  • Weather proof
  • White, black reticle option
  • Mounted to paintball
  • 200 yards  high clarity
  • Recoil up to < .30


  • Plastic polymer body
  • Average battery life

Technical Features

Brand Night Owl optics
Dimension14.75×5.25×3 inches
Sport type                 Hunting, Recreational
Unit weight                1.4 pounds
MaterialPolymer Plastic
Compatible deviceCrossbow, air rifle, handguns
AccessoriesMicrofiber Cloth, User manual
Features of Best crossbow scope

Our Verdict

I came across many other expensive night vision crossbow scopes but found nightshot gen 1 is best with this price tag. There are more than $1000 digitals scopes but techs and specs are not so different. Finally I chose this product for a cheap price tag with good features.

6. ATN Thor-HD 384 Scope: Thermal Crossbow Scope

best thermal crossbow scopes

In a world of thermal scopes, ATN Thor-HD has its own importance about features and price tag. If you are looking for a thermal scope for a crossbow then you are at the exact place. It is the best thermal scope for the beginner and professionals.

Generally light is required to see any object in the dark. But in case of thermal scope light is no longer needed to see an object, as it detects the infrared rays coming from the object. ATN Thor HD has a wide angle view to capture images with high resolution to look natural. It is a digital camera with all of its features  starting with rangefinder and ballistic calculator.

It is designed and constructed very nicely and has a chubby look that is everyone’s favorite. The digital tech provides you the next level hunting experience for crossbows. It contains a 384×288 sensor and provides minor details of the images due to its high resolution.

With the variable magnification starting from 2x and extended up to 8x, provides a glassy image with high resolution only due to its sensor. This is why ATN Thor is one of the best crossbow scope in all thermal devices with a low price tag.

Let’s Have A Look At The Performance….

We bought it in the  first month of 2022 for hog and coyote hunting and found it one of the best thermal scopes. It was easy to down the coyotes at night as they are harmful for my farm animal. It’s all possible by the thermal features of this scope.

Apart from that, it never deceives you about battery timing during your shooting as it contains lithium batteries with 8-9 hours of battery life. Target acquisition is reliable by reticles and multiple color options. Also it provides a non grainy image even at 8x zoom with all its thermal features.

Some of the extra features that make my hunting experience to incredible heights are the 3D gyroscope,  3D magnetometer, 3D accelerometer etc.

Anymore I had shot many hogs moving in my land area and sometimes watching racoons and squirrels jumping on the trees. Also ATN scopes show no compromise on clarity and perfection.

I feel felicity in hunting and it makes my joy more worthy as it shows no mercy once you fix your target.

Let’s Have A Look At Pros And Cons……


  • E-Barometer
  • Built-in rangefinder
  • Fast image loading
  • 65mm eye relief
  • Replaceable objective lens
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Low light clarity


  • Little heavy

Technical Features

Brand ATN
Dimension         14x8x5 inches
Sport type          Hunting, Camping
Angle of view     12×9.5 zoom          
Resolution  HD video and photo recording                
Size ThOR HD 384 2-8X
Compatible devices             Rifle and crossbow
Ballistic calculatorYes
ModeDay and night
Recoil activated video           Yes

Our Verdict

The purpose of this research review is to provide the most suitable thoughts and recommendations about the best night vision and thermal crossbow scope. All in all ATN Thor is laden with all tech but one thing i feel is its weight, which for some people is a noticeable factor.

Things To Know When Buying Best Crossbow Scope

With the detailed review of all the night vision crossbow scopes, now you are open to every good and bad aspects about the above given devices. Now here you are provided with the most confidential details about buying guide and what you have to keep in mind during purchase.

If you are buying a scope with high cost then quality matters, as you are paying off the quality and specs. It should be durable and compatible for your devices like crossbows and rifles and easy to mount. The above reviewed scopes are best night vision crossbow scopes.

1. Weather Resistance

It must be weather resistant and durable as you are paying off the money so it should grab all qualities. Moreover some people are fond of hunting or camping in stormy conditions or sometimes at night with dense fog. So it must be weather friendly.

2. High Resolution

If you are hunting just for the entertainment then you should have the minimum 1080p video resolution and may increase up to 2K. Generally it makes your hunting experience well with a crossbow versatile.

Generally the best resolution is 1080p and more because it reflects good image retention at night and provide crisp and clear image and video recording in darkness.

3. Light Weight

The weight of the scope is very concerning factor while buying a scope for crossbow. It is because when you carry crossbow it has its own weight and mounting a bulky scope may add some trouble in it to carry and hold it for long time to take and follow your target.

So, in the context of this discussion we should choose a low weight crossbow scope to cope with the hardships and issue while hunting and shooting because it may effect our time of concentration while taking a shot.

Always choose right, perfect and light weight and never miss your target. All the reviewed scope are perfect and light weight all of which AGM rattler is of 2 pounds.

4. Magnification

Magnification is the most important factor as we have selected most of the night vision with digital zoom. A scope is worthless without a significant range. A good magnification and long range about 100 yards to 300 yards is best but for a crossbow 100 yards is also a handsome range.

The magnification of best crossbow scope should be 3x to 6x. With the crossbow scope you don’t need to go higher magnification because this magnification perfectly provides you enough vision and target to shot with crossbow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best crossbow scope ?

The ATN Thor 384 thermal scope is best thermal crossbow scope and is a blend of night and daytime technology literally called thermal technology. We have tested ATN Thor 384 HD for light weight, high resolution and thermal sensor with never miss accuracy and price.

Which is the best thermal crossbow scope?

The best thermal crossbow scope is AGM rattler TS25 that boasts good resolution and ultra high sensitivity sensor that detects thermal radiation and capture the cutting edge image. It has 256×192 thermal resolution and 1024×768 resolution OLED display.

Can we use a Scope with crossbow?

Yes you can use a scope with crossbow but these scopes are very specific in design, texture, material and different from rifle scopes. The crossbow scopes have specific vibration, recoils and and ballistic of arrow drop according to accurate target thus making them a very concise and specific scope for crossbow.

What is the best crossbow scope on the market?

If you’re looking for best crossbow scope on the market then hold your decision on Vortex Optic Crossfire II. It is best crossbow scope overall and equipped with XBR-2 reticle design for crossbow for a 40 yards zero and fast holdover 50-100 yards with dual reticle illumination red or green.

Final Verdict

In our whole review we extract 2 unique products for you and it would be best either you are a beginner or expert. Lets reveal the product first one is, Sightmark wraith digital night vision crossbow scope  and the second one is Night Owl Optics Nightshot digital scope-cheap crossbow scope.  

These products are further researched by us to provide one the best scope without any trouble in selecting with a nice price tag and features. With all techs and specs, it is easy peasy for you to buy.

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