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4 Best Digital Night Vision Scope 2024 Latest:

The optical device with display and ability to record video and photo is generally considered a digital device. Similarly night vision scopes have the ability to record video and photos.

If you are going to hunt coyotes and hogs you have to wait for dusk. Humans don’t have superpowers to see in the dark or night time so need night vision devices. If your looking for best budget thermal scopes we reviewed and tested under $1000.

In this guide I will show you  the best digital night vision scopes with complete latest devices and their usage.

I have tested a lot of scopes and come with the best 5 digital scope. This review is written after hands-on testing of the products and with recommendation of experts and professional hunters.

List of 4 Best Digital Night Vision Scope In 2024

Image Product Details   Price
backpac ATN ThOR-HD 384 Brand: ATN
Color: Matte Black
Sport Type: Hunting
Check Price
backpac BESTSIGHT DIY Digital Night Vision Scope Brand: BESTSIGHT
Color: Black
Sport Type: Hunting, surveillance
Check Price
cordlessblower Night Owl Optics NightShot Rifle Scope Brand: Night Owl Optics
Color: Black
Sport Type:
Check Price
cordlessblower Sightmark Wraith Digital Night Vision Riflescope Brand: Sightmark
Color: HD 4-32×50
Sport Type: Hunting, Airsoft
Check Price

1. ATN ThOR-HD 384 2-8x 384×288 Thermal Rifle Scope

ATN ThOR HD thermal rifle scope

ATN ThOR HD 384×288 featured excellent image performance, testers point out its 288×384 sensor for its ideal night vision. The heat detection feature allow you to see clearly in the dark as it detect heat instead of light. It offers ballistic calculator that allow the trajectory of your bullet to hit at the right target. ATN ThOR HD 384×288 is best digital night vision scope.

Particularly thermal scopes don’t need to work with night vision features and work well both in daytime and night time conditions. I have the best experience with the ATN Thor HD thermal rifle scope is best digital night vision scope for hog hunting at night.

There are a bundle of thermal devices on the market but with the thermal imaging technology and features this scope is an angel eye for the hunters and shooters who know its worth.

Let’s get started,

This scope contains a thermal sensor which is the strongest way to fix targets. This scope has a long range even in low light conditions. With the ATN Obsidian app, you can capture your kill shot in high resolution.


  • Illuminated reticle 
  • Ballistic calculator
  • Live streaming ATN
  • Built-in small range finder
  • Multiple magnification 
  • Recoil activated video 
  • 1080 HD video recording 
  • quick release mount 


  • Reduce battery life 
  • Costly

Technical Features

Brand ATN
Color Matte Black
Item weight 2 Pounds
Sports Type Hunting
Recoil Activated Video Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Magnification 1.25-5X19mm, 2-8X25mm, 4.5-18x50mm
Best digital night vision scope

Lets Dive In For Features Of ATN Thor HD 384×288

With the unbeatable features you can see through it in complete darkness clearly even if you ignore the night vision feature. As it uses heat energy to detect the targets instead of using light energy. 

Also it will provide you complete bullet trajectory motion that helps to increase the impact of your shot. This all happens due to the ballistic calculator. With the trajectory motion, a small built-in rangefinder also makes your shot smooth and increases your target skills. 

A step zoom system makes your target more visible without disturbing your field of view (FOV). Overall here is our top picked best digital night vision scope.   

1. HD Video Recording And Streaming

This scope provides you complete HD resolution and quality video & photos with a recoil activated video system. Your kill shots automatically start recording as you are ready to shoot.

If you are an avid YouTuber then you can provide live hunting and killing shots directly streamed to your channel. By recording and streaming, you can share it with your family and friends to show them your talent in hunting. 

The most impressive feature is recoil activated video; you don’t need to on the video. It senses the shot and auto starts video recording as you’re about to take the shot.

2. Battery Life And Control Panel 

Thor HD 384 is working smoothly in the field as i had down many hogs wandering around my fields. I started my hunting at nearly 9 pm on the darkest cold night and saw the hogs near my farm fields. 

This scope gave me nice battery timing and I was able to take shots for more than 6 hours and down many rascal hogs. It contains AA batteries and mostly survives for about 4 hours but with ATN Thor HD it was a really unbelievable experience.

The control panel contains buttons which are tactile and soft to touch and easy to operate while you are on shots. 

3. Magnification And Thor Supernatural Powers 

If you are talking about magnification then it varies in different magnification power.  This scope comes with three magnifications which are 1.25-5X19mm, 2-8X25mm, 4.5-18x50mm. 

I picked a middle range magnification unit because I have to buy it for clearing my farm with hogs. I used 2-8x magnification with 900 yards detection range and easily down the targets. 

Different magnifications have different ranges of detection and target identification, it’s up to you which one is best for you and what’s your range to shoot the target. 

4. Eye Ergonomics And Reliability 

It sometimes hurts the most when a rifle hits your face during a shot. To absorb the momentum of the rifle a smooth eye care must be present. This scope contains only 3mm eye ergonomics which is less in respect of price tags and can’t be neglected. 

5. Accessories 

As I was mounting the ATN Thor I noticed it was quite easy using user manual and quick set-up. It is only possible due to picatinny quick release mount.

Ballistics calculator makes your shots easy and it calculates the elevation angle and takes the bullet on the target accurately. 

Our Verdict 

Right off the bat, you don’t need to be astray about buying the scope as I have discussed about the features and my live experience in the fields. You can trust my review as it will never make your decision disappointed. We will care about your time and money because we know the worth of both. Go and take your hunting to the next level. 

2. BESTSIGHT DIY Best Digital Night Vision Scope

BESTSIGHT DIY Digital night vision scope

The more natural view on display is seen through the BESTSIGHT DIY digital night vision scope. It is the cheapest scope on the market and definitely the most popular among the hunters looking for low price tag scopes. The best part is the display design and 360 degree angle of view with the 3 megapixel camera. You can use this both at day and night time with equal accuracy of your target.

The BESTSIGHT DIT is best digital night vision scopes for its performance in low light conditions. The adorable, easy to use and assembled quickly by instruction in a few minutes. The compatibility is only for rifles and provides perfect visual experience. We found it useful in surveillance, nighttime hunting and caves explorations.

Let’s get started,

If we talk about the usage of this scope, it is mostly used for monitoring and then hunting purposes. With the combination of telescopic zoom and IR illuminator, image quality gets more precise and clear.

I have noticed one thing about the digital zoom as it distorts the image at high magnification but it is compromising with this price and you cannot get high magnification even for a higher price with display scope. It is our second best digital night vision scope with mini TV screen.  


  • Low price digital scope
  • Charge couple device
  • IR and flashlight
  • Both day and night time modes
  • HD display screen
  • excellent performance


  • Require extra battery 
  • Make heavy your rifle

Technical Features

Dimension 6.93 x 6.5 x 5.04 inches 
Sport type Hunting 
Adjustment360 camera
Flashlight5W sliding IR 
Display 5.0 inches 
Style DIY digital night vision 
Mounting type Picatinny mount 
Best digital night vision scope

BESTSIGHT DIY best digital night vision scope is highly recommended for short distance hunting and provides a good visual experience during day and night time. It is also usable for low caliber rifles. With the low price tag it has all features necessary for night hunting like flashlight, IR illuminator with mini TV screen.

1. Mini Display With IR Illuminator And Flashlight 

Best sight DIY digital night vision rifle scope contains 5.0 inches mini LCD screen for display. It offers a good visual experience rather than ordinary scope eyepiece.

 It contains two color modes for day and night time hunting and monitoring. On the other hand IR illuminator is not of good quality due to low price and anyhow works fine with short range. 

Night time mode displays show white color images like back and white effects that look good. In extreme night conditions you can use flash light only for monitoring purposes but not for hunting due to target inconvenience.

2. Short Range And Low Caliber Rifle

It is used for low caliber rifle like AIR rifle, rim-fire rifle and 17 HMR. Due to display sensitivity it cannot bear recoil momentum force. Its range is about 70 yards and with a good quality IR you can increase the detection range up to 100 yards.

Our Verdict

In my view point, this scope is best for the beginners with low budget. This is digital night vision scope with Mini TV camera and low power IR illuminator. Its recommended use in varmint control and other short range hunting and night surveillance. Anyways this scope is best for the users with budget under $500.

3. Night Owl Optics NIGHTSHOT Digital Rifle Scope

Night Owl Optics NIGHTSHOT Digital Rifle Scope

If you are worried about buying night vision scope under your budget then it is best for for you. I don’t know about your budget but after reading the review you will know the worth of scope and adjust your budget.

Night owl optics night shot is one of the best and valuable scope for the money and better use for long range hunting. It is probably the most powerful optical technology now a days. Being a user friendly scope, it will provide you more joy during hunting with its simple and unique style.

Let’s get started,

NIGHT OWL OPTICS NIGHTSHOT is a digital rifle scope. By holding it, you look a smart hunter because it is laden with features that you can quickly get on the fields. We have been using special US armed since 13 years and found this little night vision scopes what does it says. Testers further tested its illumination in star light deserts land and positive feedback about its clarity from 30 yards by the ambient star light.

It contains a built-in IR that cannot be removed. If we talk about the detection range then you can say it 100 yards and a maximum 200 yards on the good normal dark hunting night. It’s a jot to hunt coyotes at dark cold night with a night owl night shot on your rifle.


  • IR built in
  • 3 reticle types
  • Good for night time hunting
  • High resolution 
  • Water-proof Polymer Body


  • Not for daytime use
  • Medium range

Technical Features

BrandNight Owl Optics
Item dimension14.75 x 5.25 x 3 inches
Item weight1.4 pounds
Field of view  5.6 degrees
Objective diameter40mm
Battery4 AA batteries
Eye relief68.5mm
Best digital night vision scope features

Let’s Dive In For Features Of Night Owl Optics Night Shot

1. Best Digital Night Vision Scope

Night owl optics night shot is a digital rifle scope as it does not have image intensifier tube instead an electronic chip that convert light capture by IR into electrical signal. As you will see through the scope you will notice the digital image of the field.

2. IR Illuminator

Night vision night shot contains built in IR which cannot be removed. A high quality IR is present for your night hunting experience at night.  As in other scopes there is small removable tube which is actually an IR. You will not see such an extension in night owl optics.

More valuable Features,

  • Setting up  of a scope is very easy
  • Medium range of 200 yards at night
  • Light weight made of polymer plastic
  • Weatherproof for water and other extreme condition

Our verdict

Night owl optics NIGHTSHOT is the most favorable scope for the night hunting and it is user friendly, light weight and contains all fundamental functions. With the high resolution of 640×480, everything is clear at night. It consists of polymer plastic body which gives a unique lightweight look.

4. SIGHTMARK Wraith HD 4-32×50 Best Digital Night Vision Scope

SIGHTMARK Wraith HD Night Vision Scope

Sight mark wraith HD is one of the famous scope under $500. It is best for beginners and experts and provides good hunting experience for hunters and shooters. Way back two years ago, I bought this scope for hog hunting and got nice experience after using this scope.  User manual is easy to navigate with little instruction. It looks pretty hefty and made of metal.

SIGHTMARK WRITH HD I used this for the first time at night during hog hunting and observed that its range was 300 yards but the user manual told about 200 yards. Further I will describe more about the scope.

Let’s get started,

If we talk about the battery performance then it is unbelievable as it contains CR 123A batteries which are powerful enough to support your long lasting hunting. After sometime I replaced CR123A batteries with a single Sanyo 16650 li-ion battery. It fitted well and works nicely.

The most impressive thing was its image quality and magnification. If you are using 1x magnification, it really looks 3x. It provides great features like 2x magnification and 8x digital magnification. Further you have 10 reticle options to see through the scope differently.


  • Black and white color mode
  • Green display for night vision
  • Video recording in 1080 P
  • Glass clarity in image
  • USB and Memory card slot


  • 5 hours battery usage
  • 80 % is digital zoom

Technical Features

BrandSight mark
ColorHD 4-32×50
StyleDigital, classic
Sports typeHunting, Airsoft
Item Weight2 pounds
Objective lens diameter50 mm
FOV4 degrees
Sensor Resolution1920×1080
Battery life4.5 hours
Reticle10 patterns
IR Flashlight850 nm removable
Best digital night vision scope

Further Detail,

Right off the bat, it has very nice video recording capability in 1080P. Recording is as clear as you are viewing through normal scope. All the video and photos can be saved in a micro SD card. I feel joy to use reticle options that Sightmark provided with the scope. it has 9 color mode and I mostly use red at night.

If you want to use this scope in rainy or misty environment then you don’t need to worry because it is waterproof. IPP5 technology made waterproof and can withstand normal precipitation but don’t go with it in heavy rainfall.

Let me tell you about the battery type and Life, it contains 4 AA batteries and CR123A batter for IR functioning. The average battery life is 4.5 hours with IR usage but I found that Li-ion battery can be work more long.

Our Verdict

With my hands on testing this product, I’m going to show you the best part is reticle option that I loved. As I provide whole review about the product, Now it is easy for you to grab only one feature as love to buy this scope. 

Buying Guide Best Digital Night Vision Scope 2024

If you want to buy best budget scope then your price depends on the features you want in you scope. According to my recommendation, the Night owl Optics night shot is the best scope for you under $500. Price is not the valuable factor for scope,  sometime we have diamonds in mud. So, first you have to observe features and have look at price.

Buying guides are based on our experiences after buying best digital night vision scope and its performance. The ups and down in using night vision scopes are discussed along with parts and functionalities of parts and performance of scopes in ambient light.

Tube Specification

The best digital night vision scope feature is not openly share by the manufacturer and you need ask about this by mailing or call. Let me show you the tube details image sensor, Infrared illumination, optics, digital display features and power.


IIT measures in line pairs per millimeter. The line per millimeter is directly proportional to its resolution. You cannot know about generation on the base of resolution. The high resolution the clarity of the optics be satisfied.

Signal to noise ratio

In lowlight condition better tube performance is proportional to higher SNR value. With higher SNR value your experience of image contrast, and resolution will be next level.

Figure of Merit (FOM)

It is another factor to know about the tube performance. It is measure on the base of lp/mm by SNR.

Photocathode (PC)

The function of phototube is to absorb photons and emit electrons to make image. More the tube is made of good material more will be SNR and ultimately greater will be resolution.


Sensitivity means how photocathode is working and it is measured in microamperes (µA/lm). Thin filmed tube loss more electrons in the ion barrier tube. In this way tube having 1500 (µA/lm) is more beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly, military uses gen 3 and gen 4 night vision scopes for surveillance because they needs higher techs and specs. These scopes mostly tubes specs are designed according to military standards and ultimately the perfect ones. Knight armament AN/PSV-30 is military surveillance scope.

Sight mark wraith HD digital night vision scope is one of the best digital night vision scope on the market. According to our recommendations it is best for beginners. It contains 9 color options and three modes white and black and green color at night. We have a collection for you oftop best night vision scope with variation.

Yes, if you are living in United States then according to US law, coyotes are allowed to hunt or kill if they are damaging your property or fields. Outside US, you should collect information about coyote hunting at night with night vision scope.

Night visions scope uses to see in ambient or low light condition. Night vision scope converts ambient infrared light and amplify it by sensor into visible spectrum of light. If we talk about thermal scope, it did not need and light but it form image by the infrared heat emitting from object.

Lastly red dot sight is a non-magnifying reflector device which is used for the aiming on different firearms with s central red dot. With the central red dot user aim at the target accurately.

The best digital night vision scope features a perfect bright image in the darkness. A night vision scope is able to observe in low ambient light. Sightmark Wraith HD is ideal best digital night vision scope for hunting nighttime.

The best night vision scope for ar-15 depends on specific need and preferences along with budgets. Night vision scopes have various generations which significantly impact your night vision scope performance. ATN X-sight 4K Pro smart Day/Night rifle scope is ideal scope for your AR-15.

The Final Statement

If you are worried about choosing the right gadget for yourself, I will further assist you in this regards. As I have reviewed 4 digital night vision scopes, I will further narrow down the best option for you. If you are an enthusiast hunter or beginner then sight mark wraith HD best digital night vision scope is best option for you.

It is user friendly and has different techs and specs you need to hunt. All in all, it is love for experts and shooters with moderate range. After all you can hunt hogs and coyotes at night like a pro. Best of luck!

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