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ATN X-Sight 4K Pro, Best Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope

The significance of having an outstanding rifle scope for hunters and shooters can never be underrated. It serves as the primary tool that can help hunters target their course at its best even in extremely low light conditions. There are many options that hunters can consider however not all models can work as per your needs. To help you out, we have researched a number of scopes in hunting terrain. 

Out of several models, we believe ATN X-Sight 4k pro stands above the rest and makes an ideal choice for a highly practical vision scope. 

The functionality, vision quality, and extended battery life of these scopes make them the best thing for hunters to have in their gear.

Let’s have an in-depth review of this magnificent night vision rifle scope and discover what makes it worth having.

Review of ATN X-Sight 4k Pro Night Vision Scope:


ATN X-Sight is a model that is equipped with the latest and updated technology. This model is especially reliable for its long-lasting battery and incredibly clear HQ display.

This rifle scope comes in 4 different styles to make it suitable for your needs. Whether you want a simple one or an advanced model with mount/tripods, this is definitely the right choice for you.

As compared to night owl optics and sight mark, ATN X-Sight is a next-level rifle scope that is a perfect combination of gen 2 and gen 3 with loaded features and specifications not so commonly available at all. 

Key Specs

Item Label ATN X-sight
Ideal usersHunter
Lensobjective with 14x magnification
Best forHunting sports

Reasons To Buy:

Incredible digital scope:

ATN X-sight 4K pro image quality

ATN X-Sight is a rifle scope that works as a digital unit with wifi, Bluetooth, and video recording features. 

This digital scope works with all the latest technological features to let you hunt exactly the way you are expecting. Unlike Analog scopes, it uses a sensor to help you better target your shots. Its rich dynamic technology makes it a better option for hunting enthusiasts. 

Ultra HD sensor:

Technically, this riflescope is developed and designed to make your hunting expedition highly target oriented. For this, it has a dedicated 4k sensor with an Obsidian 4 dual processor. 

This sensor provides you with cutting-edge functionality on the go by allowing you to have a clear resolution with an intense view of the field. 

A review of ATN X-Sight says that with this unit you get the operating system that gives you sharp vision on the screen without any delays.

Built-in Ballistic calculator:

For hunters, it is important to measure the distance and yardage by considering the outside factors in mind. These include the speed of wind along with the obstacles like bushes and trees. 

ATN X-Sight comes with a built-in ballistic calculator. This calculator is beneficial in giving you the most accurate measurements by considering the speed and other factors in view. 

One of the major benefits it gives to a hunter is the ability to hit perfect shots by intelligently measuring the distance between the target and the trajectory of your bullet. It Improves your aiming ability to a greater extent. 

Long-lasting battery:

ATN X-sight 4K pro Battery life

ATN rifle scopes are made to provide hunters with an all-in-one solution for their needs. The battery that it comes with is not only durable but is highly energy efficient. Instead of a simple and basic operating battery, this riflescope runs on a 20000 mAH battery which lasts for long hours and consumes low light. 

This battery is a powerhouse in itself. It allows you to hunt for about 18 hours without any hassle. The extended battery timings of this riflescope are beneficial for hunters who love to have long overnight hunting sessions. 

In addition to this, this model comes with a buttstock pouch which helps you to secure your battery in it. This protective covering increases the lifetime of your battery. 


  • Provides you with a built-in rangefinder
  • Helps you with concise targeting
  • Hunt for the whole day with a continuous performance of the battery
  • Allows you to record your hunting course 
  • Easy to integrate with your devices


  • Ring screw may irritate

Why do we recommend it?

ATN X-Sight is a durable, reliable, and highly accurate riflescope with cutting-edge technology. If you are a professional hunter then this top-rated, customer-reliable riflescope is worth having. 

Potential Benefits of ATN X-Sight Riflescope on the Field: 

We have highlighted the major features you get with this rangefinder however the field test of this riflescope shows the real and potential benefits of ATN over its competitors.

Here are some of the major benefits of using ATN X-Sight rifle scopes. 

1. It enhances the accuracy: 

One of the key things that matters the most for hunters is the accuracy of their shots. Doing it manually may not always go as you want. 

However, the ATN X-Sight riflescope with a ballistic calculator helps you to correct your angles and shots by keeping in view the real-time ranging and distance. 

It allows hunters to project their shots smartly by allowing them to do precise adjustments by executing their shots. 

2. Rifle Scope with rangefinder: 

When comparing it with other riflescopes, what makes this riflescope stand out is its incredible combination with a rangefinder. Most rifle scopes are not designed like that and hunters have to buy separate rangefinders for better calculations. 

However, this riflescope gives you an ABL laser rangefinder with it to help you calculate your distance using WiFi and Bluetooth. 

3. Clarity in visuals: 

ATN X-sight 4K pro

The problem with most night vision riflescopes is that they provide you with a vague unclear vision which makes it impossible for hunters to aim their shot. However, the ATN X-Sight riflescope comes with an incredible optical resolution. 

Whether you are aiming your shots at night or in the morning this riflescope gives you the colorful high resolution with 3864×2218. 

The detail it provides you in terms of its image quality is more than enough to adjust and plan your shots. 

Predator Calls and Lures:

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ATN X-sight 4K Pro night vision scope

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the max range of ATN X-sight 4K pro night vision scope?

ATN X-sight 4K Pro comes in two magnification 3-14x and 5-20x with a good holding detection and identification ranges. The 3-14x magnification scope have 460ft FOV at 1000 yards on the other hand 5-20x magnification have 240ft FOV at 1000 yards. It is more than enough. You can enjoy your hunting with vast range.

Who made the ATN Scopes and where?

Fortunately, ATN scopes are manufactured by the best optical brand ATN Corp. This brand is emerging very fast with most of positive review about the products from all experts. All the night vision and thermal scopes and monocular are made in America with American quality standard which is premium.

What is waterproof rating of ATN X-sight 4K pro?

ATN X-sight 4K Pro is waterproof IP7 level. All the opening screws and other junctions where you can damage scope with use in rainy conditions are protective. You don’t need to worry at all. ATN scopes are 98.99% water resistant.

What is the reliability of ATN scope and worth?

ATN scopes are good to use and stay long with you because quality is damn good. If i have to recommend the best night vision scopes the ultimately my choice is ATN Corp. Further, i will recommend you the ATN X-sight 4K pro night vision scope which best for the money and still worth with latest core, processor and high resolution display and video quality.

Final Verdict:

For hunting enthusiasts, the ATN X-Sight riflescope provides a premium functionality that lets hunters overpower their hunting course without any hassle. Its high-quality optics along with better battery timings increases your efficiency and skill level making it the most practical option for hunters. 

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