ATN ThOR LT160 3-6x thermal riflescope

ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x Thermal Riflescope Review 2024

If you’re looking for best thermal ATN scope then you’re at exactly on the point. Yes! ATN ThOR LT 160 3-6x thermal riflescope review here is one of the best and affordable thermal scope. Its unique mate color design makes it so attractive with its mossy oak cover also.

It’s ridiculous price under $1000 and is a short range to medium level hunting distances. ATN makes thermal technology available to users with shallow pockets. Thor LT is entry level scope for beginner hunters and shooters. we have reviewed many thermal scope by out experts. check out best thermal digital scopes.

It consists of three main variants on the base of look features and magnification, detection and target identification ranges. Here is comparison of these three variants below:

ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x Lite Thermal 160×120:

Magnification RangeDetection Range Recognition Range Identification Range

ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x Lite Thermal 320×240:

Magnification RangeDetection Range Recognition RangeIdentification Range
ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x

Why ATN Thor 160-3-6x Thermal Riflescope Is Best For Beginners:

The most import feature is one short zero function which is good indication of non-traditional. This is the first entry level thermal scope by ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x Thermal Riflescope in this price range with multiple features.

The sensor is heat sensitive in nature and receives thermal infrared radiation. It also contain obsidian core LT which is a good indication of thermal nature.

If we talk about its weight then its only 1.4 lbs make it user friendly and easy to use with no fatigue to your arms. You can carry it on your ar-15 or in a vehicle. It awesome overall in performance for coyotes and hog hunting at night.

Reason To Buy:

  • Black and white color
  • One shot zero function
  • 3D accelerometer
  • Multiple reticle
  • Magnification ranges varies
  • Sensor 160×120 pxl
  • Good battery backup

Reason To Buy:

  • Short range
  • non attractive design
ATN Thor LT thermal riflescope

Technical Specifications

Sensor160×120 px/17 µm 60 Hz; 320×240 px/12µm 60 Hz
Magnification160 3-6x; 160 4-8x; 320 2-4x; 320 3-6x; 320 5-10x
Field of view, degrees11×8.3; 8.3×6.2; 11.6×8.7; 8.8×6.6; 11.6×8.7
CoreATN Obsidian Core LT
Micro display1280×720 HD Display
Eye relief90 mm
IP ratingWeather resistant
ChargingUSB, type C
3D AccelerometeYes
Color modesWhite Hot/ Black Hot
ReticlesMultiple Patterns
Mount30mm Standard Rings (not included)
Battery  life(Li-ion)10+ hrs
Weight1.4 lb / 650 g
Latest Features of ATN ThOR LT Thermal Rifle scope

ATN ThOR LT 160 3-6x thermal rifle scope is affordable in term of both money and value. Let me tell more reliable features. This scope contains high thermal resolution 160×120 in day and night time with blooming pixels 17 micron meter. Its refresh frequency rate is 60Hz with best standard eye relief of 90mm.

Most of the reviews I found and look users experiences swith this scope ever found same as I experienced. So you don’t need to worry about the thermal scope ATN LT working because it is full satisfied by many users as well as me.

ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x Thermal Riflescope Uses:

  • Night shooting coyotes
  • Night shooting hogs
  • Scouting at night and daytime
  • Surveillance
  • Camping and scouting at night time
  • Best as standalone scope
  • Best for low to high caliber rifle
  • Night video recording

ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x Thermal Riflescope Features and Benefits:

1. Affordable price:

ATN Thor LT provides good experience in price tag instead of other high end scope like AGM Thermal and pulsar scopes. You can buy ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x version under $2000. I have seen many evidences that beginners like to buy this thermal scope only for features and price as an entry level thermal scope.

2. Standalone scope:

This is a standalone thermal scope and neither clip-on nor a monocular because low price may force you to think about these consequences. As it imparts multiple reticle indicate; it is a thermal scope.

ThOR LT thermal scopes contains accessories; USB cable, lens cloth, scope cap and eyecup. If we talk about its mounting then it can be fit 30mm tube by 300 mm ring with quick detach mount.

3. Manufacturing quality:

It is manufactured under the standard conditions of UD military as well all the high end devices made under license with accuracy and functionality.

If we talk about ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x build quality then it is made with hardened material aluminum alloy as other expensive thermal scope made with to bear the recoils of high pressure caliber rifles

4. Range:

ATN Thor LT thermal riflescope

Thermal scope can be more advantageous then night vision because it only requires thermal or heat radiation signals from object instead of light so making their detection range more.

However ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x is low in magnification but high in detection and identification range. It is designed for 160 identification range and consider as short range. Its specs make it more popular among hunters and shooters for its unusual features except short range.

5. Mounting and use:

If we talk about mounting; it is user friendly light weight and easy to operate as an entry level scope. It can be mounted by 30mm rings quick detach mount and fitted on 30mm tube respectively.

You can charge it with USB type C and ends up with a good battery backup optionally. It is easy to use with its control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much effective ThOR LT than its other variant?

ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x thermal scope is low price but high specs entry level scope with its good detection, identification and magnification rages.

2.Can we use it ATN obsidian App?

NO, ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x Thermal Riflescope doesn’t have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for remote control. You can consider this as lack in specs but can be negligible in this price range.

3.What type of battery used in ThOR LT variant?

The ATN ThOR LT uses internal Li-ion batteries which can be charged fully via USB cable and gives battery backup of 8-9 hours as per our team experience. It has a little more life span than other batteries. You can replace it with new one when needed.

4.Which one is best ThOR LT/ ThOR 4 thermal scope?

Thor LT is designed as entry level scope with litter specs of ThOR 4. It is affordable and put in a small budget to avail for everyone with shallow pockets.

Whereas ThOR 4 is designed with high resolution 384 px and dual core processor and longer battery life. It imparts many features check here.


It is essential for you to buy best budget thermal scope without wasting your time and money so welcome to worth review. If your interest is to buy the 500 yards detection range thermal scope then make your budget accordingly otherwise this scope is best option for you.

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