Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro Unbelievable Discovery 2024

The next level apple vision pro discovery planning started a long ago with efforts come fruit in the form of Apple vision pro for the people looking something out from this world. If you’re really excited to unveil the secrets behind apple vision pro, hold your seat to avoid mind blowing facts.

Let’s introduce the Apple Vision Pro with its floating transparent screen just like you have experience VR goggles. Here Apple Vision Pro is Just like VR headset with transparent windows carrying multiple features and specs. This monstrous discovery is by Apple as expected only by out of world minded persons.

Apple vision pro front view with high quality glass as shield and imaging glass.

Apple Vision Pro blends the digital content with your physical space world and you won’t go deep in the screen world instead you’re looking real world with floating window on your wall, on the road while you walking, on the roof while you’re taking rest and every corner where you want. The spick and span view help to relax mind and eyes without any fatigue.

The Apple Vision Pro provides 3D Apps in the air and simple to navigate the specs by using hands, voice and eyes movements. So you’re at the edge of level technology where you can look beyond the stars. The Apple Vision Pro screen is something different you’ve never seen anything like this before what Apple makes possible now. Really shocking where the world is standing regarding technology?

The Components of Apple Vision Pro

The assembly of Apple Vision Pro is complex featuring many functions simultaneously performing and providing the out of world vision experience to their customers. Let’s unveil the components,

Front Glass

The fronts Glass is single piece of three dimensional formed laminated glasses which adjust into aluminum frame gently cover your face. It uses head cushion on forehead frontal side to comfort of wearing Apple Vision Pro.

Camera Sensors

The front glass contains real image wider camera lens that offers high quality image formation.

The linear array of front camera and sensors work together to detect your hands movements, your environment and let your see the world clearly and natural.

Apple Vision Pro submerged the camera and sensor in front glass looping deep hardly notice from outside providing fine glass texture.

Audio Straps

The audio strap provide High quality rich sound with comfort ear strap positioned exactly right on your ear.

The audio strap is something next level and provides rich spatial sound while in high noise environment. The audio strap adjusts the speakers according to right positioned of your ears so that you can enjoy the audio rich content.

Head Bands

The apple vision pro features Ultra comfort head strap in zig zag fashion that fits in your head perfectly.

They offer two head bands of high comfort quality with zigzag pattern. The solo knitted bands provide cushioning your fore face and allow relax breathing and lateral side wheel Fit Dial let you allow to adjust apple vision pro according to your head.


The high quality image window is suspending in AIR and you can open more than more window simultaneously in all walls and roof.

The display is OLED provide more resolution and 4K pixels than 4K TV. The Apple Vision Pro provides stunning clarity to each eye.

Light Seal

It show the thick light seal that traps light penetration and make better your experience

The light seal avoid entering strayed light into your headset. It conform your face to perfect fit to your face and blocking out the excessive light.

Digital Crown

The top right side imparts home button also known as digital crown that brings home view when you press it. Further you can control the level of immersion with respect to your environment.

Top Button

The upper left corner contain the top button which allows you to click spatial images and video recording at the moment you want. Apple Vision Pro records high resolution videos for sharing experience with family and friends.


Finally, its power is up to the mark as it supports two external batteries. The video playback time is 2.5 hours and 2 hours of general use including up and down the features of apple vision pro.

  Apple Vision Pro Specs & Techs

Storage Capacity:

Apple vision pro offers three mode of storage capacity for the diversity to provide different storage according to user need. It offers 256 GB, 512 GB and 1Tb storages. The storage capacity changes the price.

There is no recommendation of storage to buy; you can choose what you love.

Display Features:

As always expected the high quality display resolution by Apple probably here in apply vision pro you will get 23 million megapixels and 3D display system with micro OLED display its huge to imagine.

Further it provides 7.5-micron pixels pitch and 92 % DCI-P3 and supported refresh rate 90 Hz, 96 Hz and 100 Hz respectively. It also supports playback multiples of 24fps and 30fps for judder-free video.

Video mirroring feature up to 720p Airplay mirroring your view in Apple Vision Pro to your any devices iPhone, iPad and Apple TV for enabling Airplay.

Chips Version:

Apple vision pro imparts 2 chips M2 and R1. If we talk about M2 chip, it features 8 core CPU and 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores.

It also contains 10-core GPU along 16-core neural engine and 16 GB unified memory.

The Apple R1 chip features 12 millisecond photon to photon latency and 256 GB memory bandwidth.

Camera Technology:

The Apple vision pro contains stereoscopic 3D main camera system with spatial photo and video capturing capabilities. The 18mm, f/2.00 aperture and 6.5 stereo megapixels camera feature. You will get hand, eye control to run your windows and functions.

Sensor Detection:

It imparts 2 high resolution cameras and 6 world-facing tracking cameras. Also it contains 4 eye tracking cameras and true camera feature. Further Apple vision imparts LiDAR scanner, four inertial measurements units plus flicker and ambient light sensor. But there is no night vision technology however it offers low light conditions visibility.

Optical ID Feature:

It allows high security optic sensation of eye as Iris-based biometric authentication. The optic ID data is encrypted and accessible only to the secure enclave processor.

It provides high security to apps inside and personal data and makes purchases through iTunes and App stores.

Audio Technology Features:

The apple vision pro features spatial audio with dynamic head tracking personalized spatial audio and audio ray tracking. It imparts 6-mic array with directional beam-forming allow you to listen clear and noise free sound in crowd.

It supports H2 to H2 ultra low latency connection to Air-pods Pro 2nd generation with MagSafe charging case USB type C.

Audio Playback Feature:

It supports the format like AAC, MP3, Apple Lossless, FLAC, Dolby digital, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Atmos.It is widely compatible and supportive in a number of formats.

Video Playback feature:

It supports video playback include HEVC, MV-HEVC, H.264, HDR with Dolby vision HDR10 and HLG as per describes by the Apple company.

Battery Performance:

The Apple vision pro battery life is just love. It features up to 2 hours of general use continuously. The video watching is up to 2.5 hours. There is no scenario of battery health dropping while use.

According to Apple instruction you can use Apple vision pro while battery charging.

Connectivity and Wireless Features:

It offers high connectivity Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) for internet accessibility. It is also compatible to connect Bluetooth 5.3 as wireless connection.

Operating System:

The Apple vision pro imparts operating system as visionOS. The Like MacOS in laptop, VisionOS is installed in Apple vision.

Input Signaling:

This is the most enchanting discovery that you are able to control in air all window by movement of hands and eyes to control the in air screens.

You are able to provide physical input by hands, eyes and voice. It also supports the input accessories like keyboard, trackpads and game controllers.

Interpupillary Distance:

The interpupillary distance is 51-75mm that is perfect as standard to view more comfortably and focused vision for long period of times.


The Apple vision pro weight is 21.2-22.9 ounces and 500-600 grams. It may vary depending upon you have light seal along with headband configuration. It also varies for separate battery weight around 350 grams.

Accessibility Features:

The accessibility features helps people with disabilities get the apple vision pro. It helps in vision, hearing, mobility and learning for disabled persons.

Apple Vision Pro Features

  • You can do voice over
  • Able to do zoom the thing as in real world
  • Features color filters
  • Supportive for hearing device
  • Imparts closed captioning
  • You’re able to voice, switch, Dwell and pointer control
  • Support for made for iPhone bi-directional hearing aids
  • Also supportive for made of iPhone switch controller

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apple Vision Pro available in Pakistan?

Yes, Apple vision pro is available in Pakistan through largest stores like Shophive website or you can directly order from apple store buy it’s very costly to ship or may be not possible delivery.

What is the Apple vision pro price in India?

Apple vision pro price in India is almost INR 2,88,700 round about and it is expected price. You may got charge delivery fee buy the mention price is exact in India.

What is the Apple vision Pro price in Pakistan?

The Apple vision pro price in Pakistan is 13,49,999 respectively. The Apple vision pro is available in Pakistan buy you can order it through shophive website for exact landing on the tested device.

Is apple vision pro available on Amazon? 

Apple vision pro is not directly available on amazon store still but you can find protective accessories and other later Apple VR headset. I Hope incoming days are helpful to locate reviews and in store availability of Apple vision pro on amazon.

How to buy apple vision pro?

It is very simple if you’re in United States just visit the Apple store and order as regular details and shipping address. If you’re non US resident the you have to buy Apple vision pro from third party in your locality proving E-com services.

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