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The Sightmark Wraith 4K Max Review 2024

I’m going to show you about sightmark wraith 4K max review in detail let’s move on. I will discuss all the aspects of wraith 4K Max night vision scope. If you’re going to invest on sightmark wraith 4k night vision then keep in mind the following the pros and cons.

In optical era Sightmark play its significant role in developing manufacturing quality. Sightmark launches sightmark wraith 4K Max with its significant features which make it worth for the money. You are getting a diamond worth scope under $1000 with latest tech and specs. Read in detail for complete features and specifications.

I’m more excited about the wraith 4K max to notice valuable changes in this night vision scope. Let’s uncover all hidden info for you. we have sort out many best night vision scopes reviewed by our experts keep an birds eye view if you want to explore night vision scopes.

Need Sightmark Wraith 4K Max Review?

Sightmark wraith 4K Max is a great digital night vision riflescope, harmony of optical technology. It is easy to operate and user friendly. It has high resolution display 1280×720 and hi-res sensor.

Wraith 4k best suited to under $1000 budget and not requires deep pocket to buy. Sightmark imparts high end tech specifications with 200 yards range. To elevate your night time hunting it is ideal option for you.

As I opened the scope, excitedly to see the design and reduced control panel buttons, everything is change but the name with 4K Max. It imparts better housing processor. The body is light weight and rugged style for harsh environment.

User friendly, on the top there is control panel with buttons which work as zoom in/out during shooting mode and scroll menu during home menu function. For some reason during a shoot position of buttons impacts a lot for its user to be in access. so i like this updated style being a buoyant and soft.

It contains right and left button to control video or photo capture and other is power button. The strangest aspect I notice is to reduce the objective lens diameter with respect to original sightmark wraith. I’m expecting larger field of view in 4K max and low IR illumination effect.

Sightmark Wraith 4K Max Features

Sightmark wraith 4K pro target 100 meters in range and 50mm objective lens for full magnification

Reason to buy:

  • Hi-resolution sensor
  • Day night color mode
  • Green display mode
  • Resolution 1280×720

Reason to avoid:

  • Need back extended mount
  •  Less field of view

It is essential to get right tool for your night hunting as it is completely depends on the night vision to see the animal’s movement and acquire your target at right time. The Sightmark wraith 4K max night vision scope has good battery time with 2 CR123 battery providing maximum performance of 5-6 hours.

The image shows the 2 CR123 batteries placed in sight mark wraith to provide maximum performance

Nocturnal hunting is skilled way and not easy to acquire hunting skill without practice and time. Sightmark wraith 4K Max is designed for you to see reveals every target in darkness.

If you’re a middle level hunter, you definitely need a night vision scope to take your game to next level. You must pick quality scope sightmark wraith 4K Max 3-24×50 digital night vision riflescope. The features that equipped sightmark wraith 4k max are,

  • High resolution built-in video recording
  • Day/night color mode: use classic green at night
  • 8x digital zoom-32x magnification
  • 10 reticle patterns and 9 display color modes
  • IR, daytime lens filter, lens cover, picatinny mount, USB cable.
The image shows the charging port on first and memory card slot on the second that are covered by the rubber caps

Built-In IR Illuminator:

Sightmark wraith 4K Max 3-24×50 digital night vision scope is best for hunting in low light conditions and is high quality and durable. It contains built-in IR illuminator to enhance better image quality in darkness or low light condition. It is best to use for varmint control and is ideal for shooting up to 850 yards comfortably.

The picatinny rails mount shows the mounting place for IR attachments

This is special mount for IR illuminator adjustment and you are provided with the picatinny rails mount in the box.

4K Video Recording

Sightmark wraith 4K max 3-24×50 digital night vision riflescope record high definition video by mercy of CMOS 4000×3000 sensor with unusual time 5-7 hours.

The video recording button on the scope easy to press

Here on the top of scope a little bit user friendly video recording and camera button to take pictures and start 4K recording by toggling video button.

Hi-Resolution Sensor:

Sightmark wraith 4K max resolution? All credit goes high res CMOS 4000×3000 sensor for recording 4K video quality. It is essential to better acquire target in night time with accuracy and exceptional visibility and clarity.

You can adjust imaging and video setting of image/photos, image burst, video /audio recording and shutter and you’re all set.

4 K Max Magnifications:

adjustment zoon focus
focus wheel adjuster on rear end

Sightmark wraith 4K Max with its 3-24x magnification range to acquire distant target easily and target down. You can get close views and better prediction of the next move of target and ready to take shot.

The magnification 3-24×50 refers to its magnification power and “50” indicate the objective lens diameter.

Shooting Modes Day/Night:

Reticle is on the target rabbit at night with exact zero position of reticle

Wraith 4K max offers different 10 reticle patterns and 9 color modes for variation of color display in day and night times.

I usually use to color display during daytime and black and white at night time. It doesn’t provide color modes w.r.t sub pixels or image degradation.

If you want to turn on night mode, you can do in low light conditions and slip to night mode for crisp image quality and clear full zoom images of your target.

As wraith 4K Max is digital scope having 300m detection range and 200 yards crisp image quality at varying zoom. Take your target fox, hog, varmint and coyote and down at 200 yards away quietly without range finder.

It allows max hunting without using IR and in turns save your battery and increase life.


  • It is essential to turn off IR during day time and for short range shooting like varmint. It saves your battery and increase life in battle field.
  • IR 850nm is really shines everything, you can set intensity and brightness of IR to get more crisp image quality at night.
  • Wraith 4K Max is digital scope:

Wraith 4K Max is digital scope:

eye piece lens adjuster wheel
picatinny mount attachment site for IR mounting

Sightmark is one of the best digital scope ever considers by users. It imparts digital specifications, range finder but not laser, color patterns, reticle options and digital display instead of analogue nature.

You have different reticle options and you can jump from one to another. It has one shot zero function and you can save your setting for up to 4 rifles. You don’t need to set zeros every time.

Moreover, you can adjust windage and elevation angles to make essential adjustment of your shot and rifle scope adjustment. It is better to take some demo shots to check zeros.


Ultra high definition sensor 4000×3000
Diamond clear 4K image quality
300 yards detection with IR illumination
Night time green display mode
Daytime color mode
High 1280×720 HD color display
High magnification 3-24x
850nm IR illuminator detachable
Save 5 weapon profile data
Runtime up to 8 hours
Save 5 weapon profile data

Frequently Asked Question:

Sightmark wraith 4K Max night vision is rated recoil resistant up to the .308 caliber rifle that’s perfect. 

Wraith 4K Max digital night vision uses internal rechargeable battery that can be charge using USB cable.

Without using digital features (IR illuminator, video recording and Wi-Fi) you can extend battery life up to 8 hours and with using you limit it to 5 hours.

Wraith 4K max digital night vision scope have 10 reticle options and 9 color modes black, white, red, blue, green, cyan, orange, yellow and magenta. You can toggle between color modes.

Yes, wraith 4K Max record UHD video recording and audio recording of your hunting and shooting. In this variant you get high definition and clear audio.

off course, sightmark wraith 4K 324×50 is a digital night vision scope with video and audio recording features and one shot zero function.

sightmark wraith 4K charging time is about 8 hours without using IR illuminator and 5 hours around with using IR illuminator. you don’t need to use IR for short range hunting because its image quality is to the next level and high resolution.


Sightmark wraith 4K Max digital night vision scope is one of the best scopes launched by sightmark because of exceptional features under $1000. All the basic amenities of shooting and digital scope lie in wraith 4K Max. This scope is our hand tested by team’s expert and really recommended for night hunters either shooters or beginners its jack of all trade for every type of target to let it down up to 300 yards range.

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