best night vision scope under $500

5 Best Night Vision Scope Under $500 in 2024

Are you looking for best night vision scopes under $500 with all features? Yes you will be provided here in this article. Read carefully till end.

Already worried about how to select best night vision in low budget?

I have researched a lot and finally come up with the results. Here you will be provided best night vision scope under $500. Testers perform in day and night time to check the fluctuations for use and come up with good results in the form of selected top night vision scopes list.

It is difficult to choose night vision scope available on the market, you’ve to research for this ultimately so it is time consuming, so for better selection from our top quality scopes you need to read it all.

With good night vision device you can perform it better in shooting and hunting at night or low light conditions. Night vision scopes help you to acquire you target at night with high image quality. If you’re looing for some thing more latest then check best night vision scopes under $1000.

Here is a list of hand tested night vision scope under $500 reviewed by experts of our team. you can select according to your need all are top scopes. you can trust our review.

Best Night Vision Scope Under $500 Reviewed

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32×50 Color: Black
Type: Digital
Best use: Hunting, Airsoft, camping,
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backpac Night Owl Optics NightShot Rifle Scope Style: digital
Brand: Night owl optics
Magnification: 3x
Sport types: Short range hunting hogs, rats, coyote.
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cordlessblower Bushnell Night Vision_Equinox Z2 Monocular Style: digital
Brand: Bushnell
Sport types: Hunting, Surveillance
Check Price
cordlessblower Sightmark Wraith HD 2-16×28 Digital Night Vision Riflescope Style: digital
Brand: Sightmark
Magnification: 2×16
Sport types: Hunting, fishing, Airsoft
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cordlessblower BESTSIGHT Pard NV007V Night Vision Scope 1080p HD WiFi Camera Camcorder Style: digital
Brand: Bestsight
Sport types: Hunting, Camping, Watching
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1. Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32×50 Digital Riflescope:

best night vision scope under $500

Sightmark wraith HD IS one of the premium scope for the money and in approach of everyone either beginner or pro hunter. You can find thousands of review for this single product and get idea about its versatility and quality features. consider this scope best night vision scope under $500.

lets get started,

Wraith HD is a great series of digital scopes with high resolution and display and is high quality resolution sensor that helps to improve your hunting experience at night with crystal clarity. with the 200+ range, you can extend it in good weather condition up to 300 yards.

It imparts color modes for day and night hunting. White and black is nice to use at night but you can use green display color mode at night for better visibility experience and high crisp and clear image.


  • Digital Scope
  • Night/day performance
  • 200 yards detection
  • Classic body
  • Ultra resolution
  • Weaver mounting
  • Multiple color pattern


  • Need extended mount
  • Need adapter
  • No Wi-Fi

Technical Features

Brand Sightmark
Color HD 4-32×50
Item Dimension 17x3x2.5 inches
Sports Type Hunting, Airsoft
Weight 2 pounds
Material Aluminum
Magnification 16x
Objective lens Diameter 50 mm
Field of View 4 degree
Compatible deviceRifle
Min magnification 4x

More Information:

Sight mark wraith HD contains recoil activated video system, one of the best features. RAV automatically start recording of your night shots as you force trigger and about to shot.

Sight mark wraith HD contains recoil activated video system, one of the best features. RAV automatically start recording of your night shots as you force trigger and about to shot. Sightmark wraith is one of the best night vision scope under $500.

A great scope with low price with optical features looks like? Really want a high magnification and resolution scope? check out thermal scopes under $1000.

As a digital scope it contains video recording system and micro SD card to save your shots. It can’t record audio and lacks Wi-Fi for streaming but it still wins the toss over many other digital scopes.

You can see multiple color patters and reticles with high resolution display even in a deep dark.

So, it is a better option for you to pick night vision Sightmark wraith HD. We are fully satisfied with the product in this price range.

2. Night Owl Optics NIGHTSHOT Digital Riflescope:

best night vision scope under $500

If you want to know about digital scope features and using them with all tech and specs, here I will unlock all features for you. I found night owl optics is second best night vision scope under $500. The cheap night vision scope is budget friendly and is only digital night vision in this price.

It has 3x magnification with is enough for night hunters and shooters. you can mount it on low caliber rifle. It has IR illuminator which aids in night vision and provide crisp image. Also, It has elevation and windage adjustment for the fine reticle.

There are 4AA batteries and have less life time about 3-4 hours IR with use and 5 hours without IR.


  • IR illuminator
  • Weather resistant
  • 200 Yards range
  • 3 Reticle Option
  • Digital night vision scope


  • Less magnification
  • less battery life

Technical Features

Brand Night owl
Color Black
Version/type Digital
Item dimension 14.75 x 5.25 x 3 inches
Sport type Hunting, airsoft, hog hunting
Scope weight 1.4 pounds
Max magnification 3x
Mounting type Weaver mount
Compatible device Handgun, shotgun, rifle, crossbow
Best night vision scope under $500

More Information:

If we talk about its range then with this price it is satisfactory. On arrival of the scope, I tried it near my fields and down many rodents and rats just 50 yards away. It looks cheap by manufacturer material but not really like; its a high quality polymer plastic.

Now you’ve known to everything about night owl optics night shot digital riflescope and can decide either it is a best option for you or not it’s up to you now. We will recommend this scope for night lover with IR light and short range is preferred obviously.

3. Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular:

best night vision scope under $500

You’ve seen many Night vision binoculars but Bushnell 4.5 x40 Equinox is really high quality digital night vision monocular with good durability. I have tested this monocular for you if you’re still unable to find the perfect monocular. Equinox is best night vision scope under $500.

It provides great look and design with control panel on the side terminal help you to easy access during the wildlife shot at night.

With its fast shutter speed, you can look your capture instantly at night and equally at day time. The lens captures light for brighter images as it is required at night.

It is best use for normal range watching with its 4.5x magnification at night time but not bad because it bright the image to see you ahead.

It imparts CCD chip for incoming IR light processing. Light is amplified by photocathode tube fitted inside. It is light weight and easy to carry.


  • Image is focusing
  • Better for AR-15
  • IR increase ranging
  • Water resistant housing
  • CMOS sensor


  • less battery life

Technical Features

Brand Bushnell
Color Black
Style Z 4.5x 40mm
Item Dimension 6.5×2.4×3.9 inches
Sports type Hunting, Paintball
Item weight 1.38 pounds
Objective lens diameter 40mm
Mounting type Picatinny mount
Night vision yes
Max magnification 4.5x

More Information:

Most important! Equinox Z can record video and audio and mostly used by hikers, campers, night hunters and for boating. It has specs more than Gen 1 and less than Gen 2 means it fall somewhere between.

Bushnell Equinox is better than Z2 version because of its weight and clarity so on the go Equinox contains CMOS IR sensor for better clarity at night and uncover all the details in dark night.

It also has small HD LCD screen display with black and white contrast at night with crystal clarity. It has multi-coated sharp lens and don’t have old image intensifier tube.

Finally, I will highly recommend my readers to buy if Equinox satisfied you about the type of use. Go ahead.

4. Sightmark Wraith HD 2-16X28 Night Vision Scope

best night vision scope under $500

By kicking off all the high budget night vision scopes you can go with Sightmark wraith HD 2-16×28 with valuable magnification and specs in this price. Sightmark wraith HD 2 is one of the only scope with features not found in others with respect to budget. so wisely choose best night vision scope under $500 because you will see here more and more buy go with the fav one.

Do you know about the under $500 Sightmark wraith HD 2-16 techs and specs? Let’s discuss.

With a great potential of shooting in day and night time, it protect the night vision techs during use in sunlight. It provides high picture resolution with contrast due to color display without any harm to your device. Awesome!

Its upper sibling with high magnification Sightmark wraith HD 4-32×50 also a digital premium scope. It has more options of specs with 10 reticle, 9 color patterns and more brightness and image contrast.


  • Video recording
  • 200 yards range
  • Black/white and green colors
  • Digital scope
  • High resolution recording
  • Battery 2-4 hours
  • Nice Price tag


  • No WIFI
  • No streaming
  • No audio recording

Technical Features

ColorHD 2-16×28
Style  digital, classic
Dimension10.5x3x2 inches
Sport type Hunting, airsoft
Scope weight1 pound
Reticle 10
Sensor resolution  1920×1080
IR illuminator wavelength  LED 850 nm
Objective lens diameter   28 millimeters
best night vision scope under $500

More Information:

Sight mark wraith HD 2 is also worth buying as it has switch between colors from black/white to green at night for better hunting experience.

You can record video of your best shoots with still pictures but unable to record audio with this price.  It is not the deciding factor weather you should buy or not but it has 200 yards detection capability and take your shot.

You can down many varmints, rodents and rats rushing in your fields and farm. It is more reliable for close range hunting and is best option for night hunters.

Go and grab your scope before it gone out of stock and you lose such a unit for this price tag. If you want to hunt for long range then pick sight mark wraith HD 2-16×28.

5. BESTSIGHT PARD Digital Night Vision Scope

best night vision scope under $500

It is another portable and versatile night vision scope by BESTSIGHT. The most valuable feature is Wi-Fi function; you can take shots and pictures with high resolution.

If we talk about the carriage, it is low weight and convenient night vision scope attachment. You don’t need to but expensive night vision and thermal devices for better results.

It allow to record videos and images to make better your hunting later and for learning hunting skills. Pard night vision provides better experience in high resolution videos 1080p and can save in SD card later. Awesome! You’re really getting a gem night vision with this price tag.


  • Wi-Fi for mobile viewer
  • Ultra high resolution
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fix with ordinary scope


  • Battery need to be charged
  • Manual poorly translated

Technical Specifications

StyleNight vision attachment
Hunting typeDay/night hunting
Connectivity tech wireless
Scope weight  9.9 ounces
Best night vision scope under $500 features

More Information:

I personally like one amazing feature in Pard, you can use it in daytime without damaging your night vision and ordinary scope. It is multifunctional and versatile; you can use it with hiking, camping, night hunting and shooting.


You will get 1 night vision optics/ attachment, 2 SD storage card (32GB), 1 sleeve, 1 data cable and 2 hexagon wrenches.

It is high value product with premium specs in this price range is valuable for night hunting just attach this to the former part of your ordinary daytime scope.

I highly recommend BESTSIGHT PARD night vision scope/attachment with best price value. We know when this product will come back to stock. Go and grab the opportunity.

Best Night Vision Scope Under $500 Guide

As you know, the features are according to, what you pay for. And if you are buying night vision device with low price or under $500, there are some techs and specs you should really have in your selected night vision attachment.

It is a bit difficult to find such a product on the market which meets your hunting need with low price. We’ve arrange many night vision scope for these 5 best night vision scopes under $500.

Let’s get started,


It is hard to find higher generation in this price range so forget about buying Gen 2 and 3. There was a one option of gen 1 IIT but unfortunately, many manufacturers discontinued this product.

IITs resolution is 35lp/mm is enough to use but it contains green phosphor image display. You’ve to use IR illuminator to enhance hunting experience at night with better resolution.

If you’re a beginner shooter, it is a better choice for low budget night vision scope. You can rely on starter level scope for a certain period of time.

Digital Night Vision Device

It is hard to find digital device with ease in this price range so we’ve fine almost unique digital night vision scope in this price under $500.

If you are buying a night vision keep in mind the image resolution and modulus, as you’re looking for such a scope which can expose everything in dark. So cost can make it better image resolution.

I’ve sort out some digital devices but SIGHTMARK wraith HD 2-16×28 is best digital night vision scope under $500. Remember! Digital night vision offers multiple reticle patters and high resolution 1080p and color option during day and night time. Also it is easy to zeroing and variable brightness. These all essential features of a digital night vision device.


Another important factor is magnification of the scope which depends on higher cost. Some hunters can’t invest on night vision scope and are not ready to buy higher magnification.

Many scopes offer 10 times magnification but ultimately it adds some weight to the scope framework and makes it costly.

Instead using bulky scope initially, you should use low magnification night scope which is cost effective and use for traditional hunting of rabbits, hogs, fox and coyotes.

You can pick any night vision scope from the above; all are entry level scope with digital features.

Field of View

FOV is minor factor in this price but you should consider it too before buying night vision. Scopes with wider field view cover more area through scope. If you are using without magnification, area will be 2x wider than at magnification.

Keep in mind wider field view will cover more area and magnification is reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Overall based on experience and testing Sightmark wraith HD is ideal choice for shooters and hunters. Sightmark wraith HD equipped with the latest technology which enhances the ambient light brightly to produce crisp image. Also it is best budget night vision scope.

ATN X-sight 4K pro smart is ideal choice and best night vision scope on the market. ATN offers better optical glass, ballistic calculator, radar and mobile screen for the environment detection. It satisfy the budget and premium line scope. It creates and social hunting way out.

For coyote hunting you need a wide FOV scope to look better for long time and running coyotes to keep an eye on your moving target. ATN X-sight 4K Pro Smart is best NV scope for coyote hunting to meet our criteria. It is tested for coyote hunting over 600 yards range .

The range, clarity and crisp image are essential features that night vision scope must be equipped. Based on testing Night owl optics nightshot is best night vision riflescope with mini screen and IR to enhance better visibility.

Choosing a night vision or thermal scope is depend on the use and environment along with budget. If you are hunting in ambient light condition within 1000 yards range and have low budget then probably go with night vision scope. If you’re hunting in complete darkness for long range and have $1000 budget for thermal scope then go ahead and buy best thermal scope.


There are a lot of night vision devices with different price range and features but we sort out according to your budget and with latest features. We have tested many scopes under $500 and compare their features that relates to the updated new versions of night vision technology. You can trust our recommendations and grab the option you want your best night vision scope under $500.

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