3 MOA vs 6 MOA

3 MOA vs 6 MOA: Reticle Difference in Red Dot Sights

You’re going to buy red dot sight and yet confused either you should buy 3MOA or 6MOA?

Do you don’t know the reticle difference? Doesn’t worry you’re not the only one who is confused in 3 MOA vs 6 MOA reticle.

Let’s read the article that I compiled for you, at the end you will make difference and choose your reticle and know which the better option for you is. Just hold on!

What Is Red Dot Sight Reticle 3 MOA vs 6 MOA?

Optics play vital role for shooter and hunters and are important tool. Choosing the best red dot sight make your problem solves and you’re good to go.

red dot sight looks like small compact optic install on rifle

Red dot sights are designed for low to medium range shooting for better target acquisition. They’re in difference reticle shapes, sizes and colors. You just need to choose which option is best for you and which reticle (3 MOA vs 6 MOA).

Setting up res sot sight is lot more easy than rifle scope and calibration is too much easy in red dot sights. You just need to zero one time. If you don’t know how to sight in red dot sight go through 5 steps quickly.

Do you like to ask more about MOA or minute of angle? I’m glad to describe you….

MOA or Minute of Angle (3MOA vs 6MOA)

MOA stands for Minute of angle, it is a reticle size that is in any shape like dot, circle mainly. But the selection MOA is depends on type of shooting range and varies person to person.

here is the difference between the 3 MOA dot reticle and 6 MOA dot reticle

In ballistics or simple you can say in angular measurements reticle sizes are measured in milliradians (mrad or mil) or minute of angle moa.

MOA is corresponds to 1 inch diameter circle at 100 yards in angular measurements.

3 MOA vs 6 MOA

The one amazing thing and simple to understand is 3 MOA reticle is look like 3 inch circle and 6MOA dot look like larger circle on the target while sighting in a red dot sight.

3 moa vs 6 moa

If you’re shooting with red dot sight for short range or close target, 3MOA is better option for you. On the other hand 6MOA reticle is used for larger shooting range.

3 MOA vs. 6 MOA

3 MOA Reticle:

A 3 MOA reticle is generally smaller dot and hard to see on farther targets. It is suitable for closer target and precise shooting. 3 MOA reticle imparts 3’’ diameter at 100 yards and 1.5’’ diameter at 50 yards and so on.

HOLOSUN HE510C red dot sight for your pistol and shotgun

Best For: 3 MOA is best for close shooting range with precision

You can use it for medium range also but it varies person to person how trained and accurate in using a red dot sight specially 3MOA features good balance in precision and speed.

I have vortex venom a 3 MOA reticle sight that offers much precision and I usually used it for 100 and 150 yards shooting still best and never need to recalibrate it zero.

6 MOA Reticle:

A 6 MOA dot reticle is larger and easy to see on distant targets easily. You can see the dot clearly up to 400-500 yards range. 6 MOA reticle imparts 6’’ diameter at 100 yards, 3’’ diameter at 50 yards and 1.5’’ diameter at 25 yards respectively.

6 MOA red dot reticle

Best For: 6 MOA is best used for self-defense and low enforcements on handguns and mainly rifles.

6MOA reticle is larger dot and easy to track on moving target in bright day time sunlight. Relatively larger dot locate quickly than 3 MOA dot.

I have used and reviewed vortex viper 6 MOA red dot sight specially for my long range target and install on my Glock 19. You can also check best red dot sights 6 MOA reticle with red dot and green dot.

I used green red dot sight for my night shooting. Green dot sights are love foe me at night as their visibility provide me night vision feeling and cool effect mind relaxing and satisfied another state of relaxing just love green dot sight. You should also try!

Choose Your Best Option

I hope now you know enough about 3 MOA vs 6 MOA red dot reticle size and choose your ideal reticle which best work for you. However choosing the red dot sight and best riflescope is not easy.

3 MOA red dot for rifle with nice intense dot

It depends on gun condition and user eye sight which reticle is best visible for user. I usually used 6 MOA reticle because of its visibility on distant target is excellent.

6 MOA red dot for rifle

Red dot sights are emerging and flooded on the market keep an eye on best red dot sights before buying.

The red dot sight should attach and mounted tightly and never fall while shooting. Wisely choose a good reviewed mount.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is best MOA for red dot reflex?

It largely depends on the distant range and eye condition. Secondly, for red dot sight if you’re shooting close range 3MOA is ideal options.

The MOA ranges in size from 1-12 and varies with brand to brand and use to use.

If you want quick placement of dot on your target then 6 MOA is better. If you want precision shooting and close range target acquisition then both fulfilled by 3 MOA.

It up to you which is best work for you, I use 3MOA always and sometimes 6MOA for moving target.

2. What is best MOA for pistol and Shotgun?

I’m glad to answer 3MOA vs 6MOA which is best for pistol. According to me 6 MOA is better to install on pistols and handguns.

Self-defense with pistol need quick placement of red dot on target and is achievable with 6MOA reticle.

3. What is best MOA for rifles?

The red dot sights mounted on rifles for longer ranges more than 500 yards. For rifles 3 MOA is better for high precision­—ideal for rifles.

The rifles scopes are bit harder to caliber than red dot sights—if you’ve riflescope you should know how to adjust riflescope quickly.

4. Which MOA is better for self-defense?

The 2 MOA is better for self-defense application as it is fast and high speed with precision.

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